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Piercarlo asked me to give you a message.


There always seems like there is something to do.

I think you've made a big mistake.

They don't even care.


I want to return home, as I prefer to study and to succeed in life.

Am I still under arrest?

I'd like to introduce Glenn to Rajeev.

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I was made to drink.

Before graduation, I went to visit my teacher to express my gratitude for everything he'd done for me.

Do you know anything about this?

Let's move along.

Why pay when you can get it for free?


Who would have been your sweetheart if I had never met you?

Now I know what you love and what you hate.

One must always keep one's promise.

You're the only one here who thinks it's a good idea to do that.

Louie was accustomed to being on his own.


Do you think I was born yesterday?


You were the one who insisted we come here today.


Will the fare change if I change the reservation?


We ate.


Nicolette has a big house.

What am I supposed to do about that?

Someone stole my driving licence.

People will laugh at you if you say so.

Stop complaining, and come have a drink with us instead. That will change your mind.

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Her charm does not consist only in her beauty.


All of this is stressing me out.


I am working at the workshop.

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The sun shone brightly.

You're all a bunch of losers.

I want something in return.

He likes to sing and dance.

She looks very afraid.

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The only question now is how we're going to get enough money to pay our bills.

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This book is easy for me to read.

Hazel wasn't the only one who was very hungry.

Are you going to kiss me or not?

The company's analysis shows that in over 60% of all accidents in the past ten years, the behavior of the flight crew was the dominant cause.

It's a pretty minor surgery so the doctor will probably only give you a local anaesthetic.

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Did you watch the news?

I don't like filter coffee.

Can you stop him?


I guess I'm a little tired.

I don't want to have you involved in the trouble.

It's mean of you to talk that way.


Locks are being searched for, possibly for gates.

There was no choice but to sit and wait.

I thought we had this settled.

Do I annoy you?

Blayne's the most beautiful girl I've ever actually talked to.

Who did you go swimming with?

It was very delicious.


I wondered at the sight.

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Debbie! Do you hear me?

Are you interested in him?

I cannot accept.

The yen rose to the dollar.

I only know some words and phrases.

I won't do it.

That's why I never tell you anything.

What is he running after?

Look, I don't want to lose my job.

Nanda arrived the day Shatter left.

I can't do anything for you.

It was good to feel like one of the group, because my blond hair and 185 cm height already made me stand out.

You're conscientious.


He was soon acclimated to his new job.

We saw the Venus of Willendorf in Vienna.

Sorry, I know you've been sidetracked for the issue many times, but I have a question.


I seem to have lost my appetite.


I need you more than you can possibly realize.

What is the exchange rate for dollars now?

I think we should make a deal.


Leif is afraid of snakes.

Albert can do it way better than I can.

Are you sure you don't want to go fishing with us?


A number of senators disliked Wilson.

You'll have to talk to him.

I'm on my way to a meeting.

There is a great contrast between city life and country life.

The letter returned.

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Russia is larger than Pluto.

Teresa doesn't live here.

I hope everyone will be here tomorrow.

I saw a wonderful movie last night.

I really like that.

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If we share the car and its cost we can both benefit.


Don't drink too much champagne.

I'll try to make things as easy as possible for you.

I can't possibly afford to pay for all this.

Never make fun of someone who speaks a language poorly. It means they know another language.

We'll go to Hong Kong first, and then we'll go to Singapore.

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Eddie would probably have approved.


I'll be a little late tonight for check-in.


Why can't you stay?

I promise I'll give it back.

What about the family of the dying patient?

Don't judge a man by his appearance.

The plane crash took 200 lives.

I'm so sorry.

Though she did not wear expensive clothes, she was neatly dressed.

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Norm would've wanted it that way.

He mentioned the matter of the banquet.

If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there.

I don't swim as much as I used to.

These artefacts are the depictions of the deity that serves as the spiritual and political palladium of the nation.

She hates country music.

Two people were killed in a traffic accident.

You had dinner with Spencer last night, didn't you?

What's your proposal?

People have different personalities.

I don't want to go out.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Two is a couple, three is a crowd.


In the past, people went to church for confession. Nowadays they write on Facebook.

Schools have tried to limit their use by not allowing them to be used in math classes, although they allow them in science lessons to save time.

The way out is the way through.


I don't know who started the fire, but I'm sure it wasn't Frank.


Frank is the one I told you about.


The boy trotted to his father's side.


An hour's drive brought us to the airport.

Now that you are grown-up, you ought to know better.

I wonder who the people I saw her with were.

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It is very dangerous for children to play on the street.

I was in the hallway.

It is impossible for me to solve the problem.


Last winter, I went skiing in Canada.

I fell in love with Jean Reno.

I have a TV in my bedroom.

I'm learning Irish.

I had a whiplash injury two months ago.

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Ramadoss has already done his homework.

I saw them trip and fall.

It was a shocking development.

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A photographer took a photograph of my house.


The longer the sentence, the more likely it is to be unique.

Don't leave a trace.

I hate driving to work when it's raining.


We seem to have lost him.


He sat there and smoked a pipe.

Can't you also use this website sort of like Twitter?

Don't go praising yourself.

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Where do you usually go fishing?

You'll thank me.

Let's go dancing, shall we?

I want to live close to the station.

It's a reasonable compromise.

It's going to happen soon.

It's hard to get a sense of closure when your ex doesn't want to speak to you.

I beg to modify your proposal.

I go to cabarets two times a week, but I have no interest in after-hours.

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Americans can be very competitive.