Kitty had things to do.

I know a man who can help.

Shawn shivered involuntarily.

I wonder if Nadeem regrets what he did.


I want to be somebody when I grow up.


I'll see what I can do, but I can't promise you anything.

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Does Kevyn really believe that?

I had sore legs the next day.

They hope to be able to find a well-paid job.

There's a lot of room left for improvement.

Do you know that?

Do they own a computer?

Matt watched Izzy disappear into the darkness.

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We may have missed the bus.

"Is there a book on the chair?" "Yes, there is."

Sally and Shannon know each other well.

At some point the United States will elect a female president, and it won't be a pretty sight.

I don't like this one.

Your handwriting is very good.

I had hoped that he would recover.

It is very convenient to have a convenience store next to one's house.

Jill drank straight from the can.

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Luke said Dana was here.

I adore her daughter.

It's impossible to tell what might happen.

At the meeting he said a lot, but his argument did not hold water.

This marriage will be advantageous to his career.

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That's as easy as taking cake from a baby.


I was happy there.


Don't let them win.

This is irrelevant.

Have you seen any movie lately?

That's not true!

The artists who succeed best in doing so.

Who did Tyler tell?

The exercise took years off me.

You had to come yesterday.

If that boy had not been killed in the traffic accident, he would be a college student now.


It was half full.

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How did you come by this information?


She greeted Mr Kato with a smile.

Someone broke the windscreen of my new car.

We have no way of stopping them.

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The bowl was perfectly round.

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You were ready.


Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.

I'm here to rescue them.

Judge said he feels a lot better today.

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I feel like going out rather than staying at home today.

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Germans are said to be hardworking.

I should've come here first.

I have to buy a new scanner.

It's necessary to wait just ten days.

Let's get some more information first.


I'll bet it gives her a feeling of superiority to be so beautiful.


This game is fixed.


He'll come after me.

Perhaps this is wrong.

And this is a beach.

Should I get a doctor?

I want this handled quickly and quietly.

You are as guilty as he is.

How come he is going to accept the proposal?

That's a beautiful painting.

How long does it take to reach Okinawa?


When's Klaudia arriving?

I want to settle down.

It's not something I'm familiar with.


Felix has to be more careful.

Don't deprive yourselves of the pleasures of life.

The richest man in the world cannot buy her love.

I wonder if there's some way of attracting more Japanese speakers to Tatoeba?

I believe he is an intelligent person.

Quality is more important than quantity.

Bret refused to help Steven.


It is a very difficult job for us.


I wanted to buy the huge stuffed bear at Ken's store, but it was not for sale.


He chewed his gum.


Smoking is forbidden here.

Why was Marika so fascinated with Japan?

I heard Gail is a nice guy.

Ask and you shall receive.

When he smiled, the children saw his long, gray teeth.

He ran and ran, but could not catch up with his dog.

Finders keepers, losers weepers.


Darin said he doesn't know anyone in Boston.

Leave me alone now.

He flew a kite with his son.

I have to run away.

This is heaven.

I let one pass.

The house was reduced to ashes from the fire.


The movie hasn't started yet.


Young men make great mistakes in life; for one thing, they idealize love too much.

Izzy took an ice bath after his workout.

Don't listen to her.


I found that the question was easy to answer.


I know I have to sleep now.

Jagath is a bit on the shy side.

I wasn't here last week.

Why didn't you just ask someone for directions?

He was rightly punished.


Wait your turn.


Boil the news down to a hundred words.

Just one part of what he said got picked up by the media and took on a life of its own.

Her disappearance gave zest to the mystery.

Are you saying it's not safe here?

All languages are equal, but English is more equal than the others.

You're really quiet, aren't you?

She did not walk to the gym.

I told Cris what to do.

Why is Alain mad at you?

I ran in order to make it on time.

That's why I don't approve of your plan.

Izchak sprang to his feet.

I don't like this at all.

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His ideas never earned him even one penny.


Dan checked into a hotel in London.

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Does Frank suspect anything?

Changes to your comment have been saved.

At last, he realized his error.

The young lady wants this.

Is there anything I should know?


What you say is neither here nor there.

Mann said there were three other Canadians at the party.

You guys seem to think your proposal is far and away the best, but as far as I'm concerned it's all six of one and half-a-dozen of the other.

You'll all get used to the cold climate in no time.

We'll be totally defenseless.

"Has anybody phoned the police?" "I have."

Mayo and Piercarlo laughed.

Everything is possible.

Wait here a minute.


You can't get ahead if you don't work hard.

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"Was she a high school student?" "Yes, she was."

Memorize the poem by next week.

To the best of my knowledge, he will not come.

Margot asked Hal out on a date.

Where is the embassy?

Why isn't she dancing?

Maybe Joon has already done what he was supposed to do.

I'll give you five dollars.

After much debate, it was decided that to be a planet in our solar system, an object must be in orbit around the Sun, have enough mass so that it has become round in shape due to its own gravity, and have cleared out its orbital path around the Sun.

You've still got all your life in front of you.

He is among the ten most popular on the planet.

I'll get a hold of you.

We have a saying to the effect that a good neighbor is better than a faraway relative.

This thing is never heard neither recent time nor in history

Dory said we should take a short break.

I could cry for joy.

I like that answer.


Claire is on his way home.

The interpreter provides his personal interpretation.

Kimberly is a great guy, but we're really different.


I think you might like to go to the concert tonight.


I don't enjoy acting.

She showered abuse on me.

That wasn't what I'd planned to do.


She promised her mother to come home before nine without fail.