Lynne will speak for me.

Their apples aren't as good as ours.

She calls her sister Mina-chan.

They worshiped him as a hero.


She is a beautiful lady.


Translators don't receive copyright fees for their works.

He proposed an alternate plan.

Did I do something to make Trevor mad at me?

This is my first journey by airplane.

I wonder why Matthias won't talk to me anymore.


He had great influence on those around him.

Just because something is new, doesn't necessarily mean that it's better than the old one.

Jarvis wondered what made popcorn pop.


You don't have to say anything you don't want to say.


We won't be able to get to the bank before it closes.

You might put in a word for me.

A fire broke out on the second floor.

Stagger did it right away.

They have lived here for a long time.


Is she a doctor?

He'll be here around four o'clock.

Leo's shoes don't fit him very well.

I hope Lawrence will follow my advice.

I punched him in the face.

She is no less beautiful than her sister.

He is on this ship.

She watched him and the other boys playing baseball.

I have a class every other day.


Panos took the hammer away from Rand.

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I can't lift this.


Phiroze wants to see how we'll do this.

Todd is looking forward to seeing you.

It's foolish taking a taxi when you can easily walk to the station.


The world outside is very scary.


Mickey is in the kitchen.

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I have a big surprise for you, Meeks.

I'm not waiting to find out.

I've never seen you cry.


She was lying on the floor, strangled by a harp string.

Juergen is mopping the floor.

Living here isn't easy.


He seemed to understand foreign policy.

Few treasures are worth as much as a friend who is wise and helpful.

The result of his action still remains to be seen.

"What kind of girls do you like the most?" "The kind who love me."

I was incredibly lucky.

He didn't need to bring an umbrella.

It's a matter of life and death.

How did you know I was bluffing?

The economist instinctively anticipated the current depression.

This is the player that scored every goal.

Gilles was the first boy who broke my heart.

By tomorrow, there'll be no more problems.

I can't swallow these tablets without a drink of water.

Please let go of the rope.

Everyone is trying his best.

Playing tennis is good for your health.

Charley bit her bottom lip.

I am eating pasta.

How does the couch look without the cover?


Everybody was singing except me.

Two and a half hours ago.

Cherry blossoms last only for a few days, a week at the most.

It could take some time to explain what happened.

I must hurry to catch the train.


Actually, I'm not homeless.

She had changed so much that I couldn't recognize her.

I like this landscape.


I always keep my word.

I'll see what else we need to bring.

In case of an earthquake, turn off the gas.

The frame still has to be sanded.

She knew too much.

I can't just give it to anyone.

We're not a party!

I'm completely deaf.

I left the building at about 6 p.m.


I've been in Boston way longer than you have.

My parents often go to the cinema with their friends, but this evening they're watching a film on TV.

Why were you silent all the time?


Luckily nobody drowned.

We're going to need your help after all.

I want mine.

We shouldn't look down on a person only because he's homeless.

That's what brought us together.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Dan's lease expired.


Presley asked Revised where she went to school.

Who wants to come with me to see "Thor"?

I'm going to defeat you.

The raincoat sheds water perfectly.

He as good as accepted my offer.

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I hope it gets better.

Those dogs are big.

I am going to learn german.

They were young and foolish.

How old were you when you left Australia?


Dan arrived at Linda's apartment.


Christina doesn't like you very much either.


Birds make a nest in the springtime to raise their babies in.


Mr. Smith founded this school forty years ago.

Can you give those books to me?

Sally, are you okay?

What did you do last Sunday?

Ian found me a French teacher.

I think Tracey might have fallen asleep at my party last night.

I have a few friends in Boston.

A concrete plan evolved after much discussion.

You might want a little help.

Polly received a standing ovation.

An expert is a specialist who knows everything about something and nothing about anything else.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Several children are playing on the beach.

I've finally found something worth doing.

The new railway is not completed yet.


You can try to translate this sentence. It's very easy.

Looks, brains, reflexes, rich family and, for good measure, vice president of the student committee - in other words he's 'perfect'.

I told him the bank was closed.

Have you made a decision?

Have you ever sung in French?

We've got to find a new babysitter.

You're wearing the ring Per gave you, aren't you?

We don't have all day.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Please join me in a moment of silence for the dead.

You're not dead.

That's just false.

I'm sorry to trouble you so often.


You're not the only one here from Boston.

I suppose Clarence told you why I was late.

There are a lot to choose from.

I can't tell you how stupid this makes me feel.

Deposit your money in the bank.


The daily life can be busy, hectic and sometimes overwhelming.

How many years have you been studying judo?

Can I get you a drink, Lui?


I think there's a balance to be had.

I love pizza.

French is spoken in France.

Olson is enjoying this, I think.

I'd like to go on another cruise.

Klaus stopped to talk to Ernie.

Jagath drives a truck and his wife drives a station wagon.

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Ben represents the engine of the story.

The more people buy a certain merchandise, the higher its price.

That wasn't here before.


Ricardo doesn't plan to go to Boston with us.


Heinrich started working for us when he was only thirteen.

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Sledgehammers are used in construction demolition, in mining, in driving fence posts into the ground and in driving the spikes that secure the rails to the wooden railway ties.

Penny could lose everything.

Who gave you these?

Elijah is an amazing person.

I must talk to you.

Chet sounded slightly jealous.

The house is insured against fire.

He doesn't allow interruptions.

Tell me, is toying with people's feelings a favorite pastime of yours?

That might not be as heavy as you think it's going to be.

Stewart will take care of everything.


I talked to Kris on Monday.


That's the least of your problems right now.

Customs will ask for a receipt.

I can't say I'm sorry to hear that.

The recommendation from my boss made all the difference.

We are getting close to Halloween and I thought today I would tell you about Halloween.