Yesterday, I bought a red car.

My father practices medicine.


You were never in any real danger.

Larry Ewing is drunk.

If you will help us, we will be very glad.

What's your favorite romance novel?

It was rather difficult for me to make out what he was saying.

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She is spinning wool.

What are some things you like about your hometown?

Can I trust you to do that?

How could Frank know?

I just want to do something fun.

Roderick is an expert watchmaker.

Susan is seeing a therapist.

Do you know the reason I came here?

The title wise is, for the most part, falsely applied.

I don't like a novel without a hero.

That was lovely.

I just feel very lucky.

Some people will believe anything they read.

Who wants a piece of cake?

Tracy divorced his first wife more than fifteen years ago.

What made you blame me?

The teacher has a great influence on his pupils.

Sanity went back to the drawing board.

I think we need to take a little break.


I love that dress.

She is good at imitating him.

Jochen's trip lasted three months.

I'm honored to work with Shakil.

"What happened to your leg?" "I was skiing and I fell."


What animals inhabit those islands?

This is not a discovery, everybody knows it!

It's been quite a week.

We're just like brothers.

You may have heard the story about the ugly duckling, but have you heard the story about the ugly gosling?


Sherri has a big penis.

I don't mind you spending time with me.

I want to greet him, too.

Here's where they usually have dinner.

You have no clue on how disappointed I am!

I consider her as an honest woman.

4-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.

Herbert is perplexed.

Let's play some tennis.

I had to give Bret more time to think about it.

They had no idea what to do.


My wife is subject to moods.

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Marital arguments should always be constructive to a marriage.

It wasn't much of a view.

How do you know my father?


Nothing unexpected happened.

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Randy is a good man.

I just spoke to her over there.

Children are never at rest.

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He was along toward fifty.

You should talk to someone.

In an atmosphere of absolute apathy, any act is a revolutionary act.

I would rather die than live in disgrace.

My parents had left before I arrived.

One of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain is, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

This is your decision.


We must learn to live in peace with each other and with the environment.

That sounds urgent.

Even so, kindergartens are sensitive to seasonal events.

I hear the hubbub of the children in the background.

Goats do not like getting wet and will seek shelter quicker than sheep and other livestock.

Fishing is not in my life.

Where are you studying?

Tolerant often drives his father's car.

Is Vidhyanath your real name?

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That absolves me from further responsibility.

They were separated into two groups.

None of us could arrive at the harbor on time.

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Barrett didn't apologize to Paul.

We weren't allowed to go into that cave.

The Diet is now in session.

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Are you two talking about me?

He saved money little by little, so that he could build a new house.

I learned my lesson.


No one was able to help her.


I looked Sal in the eyes and told him the truth.

I don't think that's quite true.

Understanding jokes is subjective.

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Pilot is still there, isn't he?

This is something much worse than what happened before.

You're not bleeding.

They're wonderful.

Olivier is the team's head coach.

I took the children to school.

I doubt that Andrea really did that.

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Finding an optimal solution isn't trivial.

Can you do it in one day?

But I have to take night shifts twice a week.

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I doubt if you'll know anyone at the party tonight.

I heard Roger Waters perform The Wall live.

I love to fish in the trout stream behind my house.

Ramanan sounds like a great guy.

It is not until you lose your health that you realize its value.

He does not get up early.

He has no fear.


I only read part of the report.

How are you going to help us?

I've been lopping trees all afternoon and shredding them into mulch for the garden.

Many high school students hang around at book stores reading comics.

Let me see your health insurance certificate.


That job is impossible for me to do.

He is sure to win.

I haven't heard that song in a long time.


Won't you come home?

Before you make a decision about your marriage, you should have a consultation with your parents.

Didn't you hear the doorbell?

Most of the people I chat with on Facebook are not from Brazil.

She was speechless.


It seems that the rainy season is over at last.

List's bags are packed.

What do you think that means?


This player is on a hot streak.

Why don't you guess?

I didn't kill her.


You must persevere before you can accomplish anything great.


Why would I remember?

He changed a few words.

The mouse ran underneath the bed.

How much extra will we have to pay?

The threat was inexorably close.


There is much water left.


My mother has a driver's license, but she doesn't drive.

They're not standing.

We reached the top of the hills at dawn.


Everything is set.

Do you understand what's expected?

I can't quite explain it, but I believe I've caught a glimpse of the differences between Japanese and American cultures and lifestyles.

The mayor provided me with an identity card.

Ping says he can get you what you want.


They fell down the stairs.

He performed the trick with ease.

He has mastery of his temper.

Well, someone's gonna have to do it.

Isn't there something you could do?


She's very innocent.

Can you guess how old I am?

I know Calvin wants to make a good impression.


The driver stopped the bus.

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This is one of the best restaurants in Boston.

The weather is usually hot in July.

Does that mean something?

My opinion is on the whole the same as yours.

His dream is to study chemistry in the US.

In total there are 9 people in my family.

It does happen.

Mario has excellent taste.

We walked on tiptoes.


It doesn't seem like what we should be doing right now.

The game would not have been called off if it hadn't rained so heavily.

You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.

The summit of the mountain is about 2000 meters above sea level.

I thought you weren't coming.

The room was lit by candles.

We were dealing with very complicated issues.

I want to hear Kamel speak.

I wrote a letter in English language.

He took off his shirt.

Taking a watch apart is easier than putting it together.

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I have made mistakes.