I suggested that we should start early.

I wish I had married another man.


What sparked the idea?

Look at this place.

Boyce needs more help.

What've you been up to?

My brother lives in a small village.

Go is my only distraction.

Elvis rushed to her aid.

The police weren't able to determine which one of the twins had committed the crime.

Nobody equals him in strength.

That machine is out of order.

There is a Japanese saying that goes: <<The nail that protrudes is hammered.>>

Kemal wasn't expected to live.

This flower is beautiful.

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The women stuck to their cause.

I'd be happy to join you.

When are you busy?

You can't park in front of my house on weekends.

Even if it rains, we will travel.

It may hurt.

Do you like playing soccer?


For how long will continue to have these symptoms?

Her life is in grave danger.

Hy just wanted to talk.

You stay away from her.

We want Kieran to help us tomorrow evening.


The public accounts committee caucused privately to write their final report, which had to remain confidential until it was formally tabled in parliament.

I really need this camera for my trip to Osaka.

What do I expect from life?


I'm the humblest person on this planet.

The soldier gave water to me.

Let's let him try that again.

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I'll tell you what Shyam told me.

This fish smells bad.

Diane is careless.

John will be safe with us.

The new product is on sale.


You must always tell the truth.


Rabin and Arlene spent the evening talking about John's problems.

Let me repair it.

She pressed her lips firmly together.

Steven says he wants to study French.

The necessary changes having been made.

Dan wanted a lot of kids.

How many wives have you had?

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Nici seems to be unreliable.

Your time will come soon.

Siberian night is very long.

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I'm a professional photographer.

What proof do you have?

Who created the universe?

Tell her that I am fishing.

I'm speaking from experience.

We threw him out.

They pushed back the attackers.

I was made to cry for help.

I'm too tired to drive.


There are just too many choices to pick from.


Your look betrays you.

What are you offering?

I didn't try to stop Pravin.


An apple was sitting on the couch.

I didn't see what happened.

I may have to call you later.

This place is sort of romantic.

Whaat? No, of course not.


We used very little kerosene last month.

Huashi thought that what Paul wrote didn't make any sense.

Andre almost died.

Donnie is one of Casey's closest confidantes.

The purpose of advertising is to familiarize consumers with the name of a product.

Stu's dog isn't allowed in the house.

What are you guys talking about anyway?

Are you in Bangladesh?

I'm about to pee.

If you want to participate, you have to register.

Terrance's strategy isn't working.

I don't think I can survive in this place.

Dan didn't even bother to get Linda a Valentine's Day card.

She stared at her feet.

Amigo is still kind of young.

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It was given to me.

Because it is there.

She has more books.


You look a little pale.


Suresh isn't smart enough.

If you don't like the service, don't leave a tip.

I hope you suffer as much as we did.

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He set up for learning.

The temperature falls.

We have a good team.

It's going to be mine.

I'll see you after lunch.

A pair of sunglasses could hide a stye.

Nguyen will be waiting for Leon.

Now I know that you're a man who has feelings.

Ed has confessed.

I would be good, if I didn't have this headache.

Helge remained motionless.

It did the trick.

He advised him not to go.


I wish I understood what was going on.

The police arrested him for drinking and driving.

The stock market is up.

He was on parole then.

You must be very good.


Yesterday was, without a doubt, the worst day of my thirty years of life.


Opinion is divided on this point.

Genes consist of a specific sequence of DNA.

Establish regular prayers.

You'll get a reward for your cooperation.

Lori hid the money in her bra.

How come Kate didn't finish?

He likes these cats.

I think it's an excellent idea.

I don't think Toufic will come.

Tell Linder to call me.

She cooked her husband an apple pie.

Anthony was respected by the Egyptians.

"Who knows the way to the airport?" "I do."

I think you're oversimplifying the problem.

He stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up to leave.

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I'm a homicide detective.

Now we really are relatives.

The accident showed that he was careless about driving.


Are you insecure?

Has anybody solved this mystery?

Norman gave Lindsey a pair of diamond earrings.

We're both college students.

I can't stand his impoliteness.

The man blushed.

Heinz wouldn't give me a chance to think.

Edwin was talking to me.

Each one is different.

Jiri didn't remember.

He moves awkwardly.


I'm going to mail this letter.


Liza may not give Nate a choice.

You said you needed a favor.

He was very good at playing tennis.

They want to know what your plan is.

Jonathan never told me he used to be married to Teri.


Donna's dream of going abroad finally became a reality.

He departed in spite of the storm.

Jean-Pierre scored three runs.

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Those present were all astonished at the results of the election.


They are living it up in Honolulu.

He has not failed for nothing.

I am hoping to put an end to our unhappy relationship.


I play with Rubik's cube, not with Ruby's ass!

Elvis seems to like Jesus.

We've done the right thing.

Her eyes are laughing.

We have ample funds in hand.

You're just getting in the way.

Daren made Terrance go first.


How many wives does this Mormon have?

Do you know what time Holly usually goes to bed?

Do you know why?

I'm very proud of my daughter.

She did it against her will.

Stop trying to do Roxana's job.

What are you guys planning?

Can I help in any way?

I never asked for your help.

Christian made a deal.

Rodger probably eats a lot.

Who ate up the cake?

Bryce is a very, very lucky man.