You mustn't tell that to your parents.

I try to stay informed.

When seen in the perspective of half-a-dozen years or more, the best of our fashions strike us as grotesque, if not unsightly.

Sanand went right to sleep.

Trey is nice to everybody.

Send a telegram!

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Could you show me that?

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I found it in a cave.

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Think about what you have forgotten!

Don't be such a baby.

I couldn't have made it alone.


Neil is needy.

The time of monarchy and princing is over.

I thought Alejandro was in prison.

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What do you mean by 'White Anglo-Saxon'? Have there ever been any black, yellow or red Anglo-Saxons?


What's the nature of your complaint?

The people of the world hate anyone who presumes to control the whole world.

The more I spoke, the wider her grin became.

Himawan has made a full recovery.

There have been no reports of casualties.

I'm armed.

I wonder why Francisco came at a time like this.


That would be really funny.


I was alone, studying.

Why is everyone so quiet?

Srikanth said he would do it himself.

She worships him and the ground he walks on.

Kinch doesn't ever get to school on time.

Carlos's birth records are sealed.

No one can be that disgusting.

I'll keep it warm.

On the dictionaries there's nothing but dust, at least on mine.

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I think that German syntax is difficult.

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Math is a bitch.

I got pulled over for a speeding ticket.

This is what Stan gave me last Christmas.

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The bridge was built by the Romans.


Why don't you go to your room, Julianto?

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Paul has three sons. They look very much alike.

How about you come with me?

You've frightened them.

The flowers are already out of bloom.

An apple will float in water, a pear won't.


You can only see what you like the most.

Don't write in library books.

I'd want someone to tell me what to do.

I know more about Roberta than he realizes.

I'm begging you, could you stop treating me like a pet?

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The quiet cat caught the mouse.

I haven't spoken to Izumi since.

Can I give him a message?

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Caleb read a self-help book.

Do you want to go to the mall with us?

Avoiding the appearance of evil.

Who's your favorite historical person?

Griff likes that.

Saqib and Gypsy plan to go hiking tomorrow if the weather improves.

Deborah should be with you in just a minute.

I'll settle with you later.

They arrived from England a week ago.


Have you ever changed your password?

I'm not going to do anything about it.

In crossing the street, you must watch out for cars.

This one belongs to him.

I have no way of knowing that.

He was sitting on the bed.

The sun shines full of fire, but I only see your eyes.

Shirley laughed when Marie said that.

These grapes don't taste good. Where have you bought them?


My father is a great traveler.

Which do you like, green tea or black tea?

I know why Alfred isn't here today.

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What difference would it make?

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How did you get invited?


Why are you so concerned?

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Sidney poured Edward a glass of wine.

Lawrence is my guest.

My boss dictated a letter for his secretary to type.

I love Chinese food, especially pot stickers and rice.

He talks very cheerfully.

This is the most beautiful flower in the garden.

This is our car.

Ask only "yes" or "no" questions.

Perhaps Ricardo was wrong.

Hurt people hurt people.

We've done what we could.


His father allows him 2000 yen a week.


Stop being so judgmental.


We can do that for them.


Anita and I often help each other with our homework.

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I wish I could explain it.

You haven't said anything to Ethan yet, have you?

I like it a lot.

He didn't take the bait.

Whom did you vote for in the election?

The confirmation hearings turned into a free-for-all.

What did the police do when you informed them that your house was haunted?

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You are being very unfair to me.


They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously, but that's easier said than done.


There is no point in giving him advice.


He denied that he was the thief.

Caroline said I might lose it.

You are shearing the sheep, aren't you?

Electric irons are heated by electricity.

People don't like to hear the truth because they are not prepared to have their illusions shattered.

The princess removed her gloves.

I laughed my ass off when they told me that joke.


He's asking you to help him.


Dale has decided not to stay until Monday.

That seems to be a sensible precaution.

She elbowed her way through the crowd.

We made much effort to build the boat.

The Japanese are often criticized for being inward looking and insufficiently international in their outlook.


Do you think you can take me?

Perhaps I shouldn't have told Andre anything.

Kevan did the work alone.

Take it easy! Don't be so nervous.

Swamy saw Lorenzo across the room and went over to talk to her.

Meanwhile, I want to draw your attention to a point.

He is not as intelligent as his brother.

This government is really putting the clock back.

Lorien has two boyfriends.

We'll pray for them.

What's that got to do with me?

I'd rather not discuss them.

Mechael should have known better than to call Gregg after midnight.

I have to do that.

It's time for you to go to bed.

She gave me whatever help I needed.

I'm back.


Bill is 20 minutes late. He must have gotten lost somewhere.

She has a bath every morning.

He's a jerk, but I love him anyway.

She enjoyed herself a lot at the party.

Randolph seems real sweet.


Phill stopped dancing.

Listening to him, she got tired.

The English Channel was rough when we came across.

That's remarkable.

I am quite ignorant of French.

Let's not indulge in magical thinking and assume this breeds unicorns.

The university was founded by his father twenty years ago.

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There's no need to add wood to the campfire.

This will take some time to get used to.

You should use the paper bags again and again.


Kurt is no longer here.

That is my book.

You have to get enough sleep.


NASA says three of 22 space missions that carried generators similar to Galileo's ended in accidents.

We went to Boston to visit them.

They looked far and wide for the missing dog.

These are the names.

Isabelle didn't believe it was a tiger.

You're taking a big gamble.

Jayesh is engaged in medical research.

Rafael didn't like them.

I found a good restaurant on Park Street.

He reached that shelf.

There is plenty of food.


He's a good violinist, is this not true?