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I need to fix my credit.

Do I look like I'm having fun?

However he wasn't seriously hurt and got away with light bruising.

They accused him of stealing the bicycle.

We cannot do those things.

I guess you cannot do it.

Could we discuss this later?


You'd better see a doctor.

This dam generates more power than any other dam in the world.

This area is hotter than the Sahara desert.

Ginny can't go out drinking with the guys tonight. He has to stay home and take care of his mother.

This is the first time I've kissed my father.

We'll run in the park.

Why weren't you at the recital?

I'm going to need to see a photo ID.

I'm going to ignore that.

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I can't speak another language.

You are not old enough to go swimming by yourself.

Olof was wearing a Superman costume.


As soon as he saw the policeman, he ran away.

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Liz told everyone that he and Charleen had split up.

I will follow you very soon.

Vance didn't let Clarence play with the other children.


I can't play chess yet.

After you blow up those balloons, could you sweep the room?

I'll never come back. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Give them just enough food every day.

Clarence got into the driver's seat and drove off.


You've got two choices.

I've had a lot on my mind recently and have had trouble falling asleep at night.

What's it composed of?


Columbus didn't know where he went or where he was, and he did it using money lent by a woman.


You are cold.


Books are lying about on the floor.

Institutional racism is a serious problem.

I don't have to follow them.


Do you bring peace, or warfare?


That might be difficult to explain.

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Thanks again for everything.


The brain needs a continuous supply of blood.

We need to get them out of here.

I almost dropped a plate.

Tai didn't keep his word.

I heard what Juan said to Mitchell.

What kind of a party do you want?

I've deposited the papers with him.


She was satisfied with the result.

Losing the way, he chose the road at random.

They are much better than Western baths.

Can you be more specific?

Exams are right after summer vacation.

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We are very similar.


Ann told me a few things I needed to know.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat green vegetables every day.

You're not a very good cook, are you?

It's strange that nobody knows us.

Do you want it?

Let's explore the forest!

He's smart, but arrogant.

Her mother was a Kennedy.

It's freezing in here.

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This is the place where she works as a secretary.

The waiter set a coffee cup in front of Leslie.

This sentence is not correct. There is a spelling mistake.


Emily didn't leave me any options.

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I bought a suit with two pairs of pants.

We soon recognized each other, although we had not met for years.

I want something with which to write.

She waited for him with patience.

No special equipment is needed to do this job.

He already went to sleep.

I'll take the first watch.

The new method has already found proponents in many countries.

He was loved by everyone that knew him.


They closed the shop.

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Mr White has gone to Canada.

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Olson helped us win.

As a matter of fact, I've never seen it.

The conflict escalates.


You won't find anything here.

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I'm sorry I didn't call.

"I think we shouldn't be doing this." "No one asked you."

We have this game on ice.

I ordered Ralph to do it.

He is just like his government: old-fashioned and visionless.

They should let you see him.

She crawled out of the window.

I think maybe you're right.

Where are your suitcases?


My grandpa believes that the moon landing was a hoax.

What vegetables do you usually grow?

I feel sad all the time.

Melissa completely lost her head when the house caught on fire. She didn't know what to do.

Let's give it all we've got.

I had to open my suitcase.

Such changes are nothing more than the artist's legerdemain.

Even though he has turned twenty, he's still too timid to chat with girls.

I can take care of myself. I'm not stupid.

I dreamed about Yumi.

Oliver isn't in Boston.

Alberto is quite ugly, isn't he?

How old were you when you got married?

Don't blame this on her.

Who wants to join the special forces?

He remained a bachelor all his life.

I'm hoping Izchak will call soon.

This morning, I saw at a glance that he was fancily dressed.

Dori applied for the job and got it.


A TXT file is a text file.

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I just want to have a normal date.

Catherine probably won't be able to cope with the problem by himself.

Call the coast guard.

As a result of the blow, he became insane.

Please give me a hand.

Does that seem like something you can do?

We received some new information.

Malware? This word will be a hit. It could become the word of the decade and, why not, of the century.

Heaven knows why.


You should go to the police and check it out yourself.

You can afford to speak frankly.

She isn't kind to him.

One must be responsible for one's conduct.

That's not the question.

Kayvan isn't an expert, even though he likes to pretend he is.

It's the most idiotic thing I've seen in my life.


My father died at the age of forty-nine.

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I searched, but I didn't find her.

Why doesn't Sheila want to talk with Kuldip?

Is that not normal?

You'll understand when the time comes.

The matter is coming up before the board of executives tomorrow.

It fell upon me to take care of my mother.

Fashion is not my specialty.


Who survived?

I don't care as long as you're happy.

Did you like the picture I sent you?

In high school, I won the Osaka and Kinki championships in cross-country skiing and Nordic combined skiing on countless occasions.

The new finance minister has street-cred.

I wonder how long it'll take for the mistake to be noticed.

Everyone remained seated.

This tape doesn't stick.

Kitty's story didn't check out.


Ti takes care of me.


Did the server just go down again?

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I don't want to go to sleep.

A new year always brings hope.

The Belgian consul invited us to tea in a restaurant close to his country's embassy.


You shall have a bicycle for your birthday.


The car consumes a lot of fuel.

Who do we owe money to?

She doesn't have as much patience as you do.

He was in his home in Cambridge, England.

I don't feel like it now.


Hey mister, you forgot your coat!

Being a foreigner, I couldn't catch on to the joke.

I am sad to hear it.

You can't put two saddles on the same horse.

I can't decide if I'm happy or sad.

He held her hostage in a van.

Can't you go tomorrow morning?

I just want to get this paragraph right.

He seemed to be lost in thought.