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Renew your Cross Country Motor Club for Volvo Owners membership and get directly connected 24/7/365 to award-winning roadside assistance you can trust.

To renew an existing account please call 1-800-222-8052.


By renewing in Cross Country Motor Club for Volvo Owners, you can be directly connected toll-free 24/7/365 to an award-winning response specialist who can quickly dispatch reliable and professional roadside assistance you can trust.

With Cross Country Motor Club for Volvo Owners, you are covered to be towed to the nearest Volvo dealer or the repair facility of your choice, up to $100 per incident. Even if you’re not in your Volvo, you’ll still be covered.

In fact, you, your spouse and all dependent children up to 22 years of age living in your household or away at college – will enjoy “sign and go” roadside assistance for many common emergencies up to four times a year in any vehicle.

All services are provided by Cross Country Motor Club, one of the oldest and most respected motor clubs in America.


Coverage includes:

  • Unlimited mileage towing to the nearest Volvo dealership – or destination of your choice – up to $100 per incident
  • Dead battery/jump-start - Never be stranded again
  • Fuel delivery - Up to 2 gallons delivered to you when you run out
  • Flat tire change - Experts arrive to help you install your inflated spare tire
  • Lockout assistance: auto or home - Help is just a call away
  • Roadside winching - If your vehicle is stuck in mud, snow or off the side of the road
  • Emergency Roadside Connect - Fast access to police, fire, and medical assistance
  • Complimentary trip routing and mapping - Personalized, information-rich results
  • Emergency support services - Emergency message relay - even bail bond/legal defense
  • Cross Country Perks - Substantial discounts on a growing list of high quality brands, leading retailers, online stores, and popular service providers through the enhanced Cross Country Perks Program
  • One membership covers you and others living in your household – which can include a dependent up to age 22 away at college
  • The plan is valid in your Volvo or any other household vehicle