I'm deeply concerned about this.

Don't hold back.

Does Lui know where Matt is?

It's so bad, it's funny.

Why did you have to go?

He had bought a dog.


Entertainment on his planet meant doing multidimensional higher mathematics.


She can sing very well.

He got back from Sydney today.

I should give Shadow another chance.

She has breast cancer.

Would you like to get together again next weekend?

I'm pretty sure Hsuan will be late.

Even if only one Russian hamlet remains, even then Russia will revive.

Programming languages are her hobby.

He was listened to with enthusiasm.

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You're the remarkable one.

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What business is it of yours what I do with my money?

The earth is just a sphere suspended in space.

Ruth made Elias carry his suitcase.

The old man was accompanied by his grandchild.

Everything is well with us.

I'm lucky to have a job.

When do I write poetry?


You still don't know what he's going to say.

Starbuck's schoolbooks cost a lot.

I don't think that's very likely to happen.

My mother always says she's going to visit me soon.

The air has become really heavy.

Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.

Vacation's already over.

Don't be in such a hurry.

Hemlines are going down.


I agree with you on this issue.

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Evelyn couldn't bear the noise.

Defendant admit her guilt.

You can sit by the exotic plants in front of the lake, away from the noise.

French are better gardeners than Germans: they have green hands whereas their neighbours only have green thumbs.

The boss praised you for your good work.

Since I started wearing glasses myself, I started liking the anime where the protagonists wear glasses.

He spoke of sex in a rather businesslike manner, which was how he tried to avoid talking about his problems with intimacy.

Granville turned off the fan.

I once knew a girl that snorted every time she laughed.

I'm glad you think so.

Ozan stayed with us for several days in 2013.

It's just a stupid rumor.

I think I'll help Patrick out.

The dragonfly was skimming across the water.

I can't see the stage from this seat.


No one wanted to eat.

I don't wanna go back.

Somebody has to do something.

We definitely need more help.

You can't use that.


Now, it's my turn to help you.


Something bit you.

Get down from that ladder.

Please keep in mind that we have to be with other students.

Did I come at a good time?

He was a good king.


I'm just going to go powder my nose.


I tried to get Blake to help Raif.


Time is but the stream I go a fishing in.


We want to take it.

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I couldn't understand what he was saying.

He stood motionless, like a pillar of salt.

She is intense in her study.

I tried to erase the memory of her crying.

Would you mind if I wait here?

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Blayne ran upstairs.


Andrea thought it was funny.

I'm glad you got to meet him.

That has always been so.

We're so ready for something new.


Fearing is dying a thousand times, it's worse than death.

The organization furnished the refugees with food.

All right, here's the deal.

The boy took off his cap.


I would rather stay at home than go out in the rain.

His foot hit the brake faster than she could yell "stop".

Before Srivatsan got married, she was a dancer.

The event starts at 11am.

Elliott was too afraid to enter the cave.

Murat zipped up his jumpsuit.

It's too fast.


Before we begin, a number of preliminary remarks are in order.

He gets angry over trivial things.

It is not his illness that ruined him so much as his idleness.

With the time passing, his respect for him became love.

I need a five-minute break.


You have your whole life ahead of you.

You can speak French, can't you?

Ric may not want to go.


Our problems are nothing compared to hers.


Empty your pocket.

You're scaring the kids.

The novel ends with the heroine's death.

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What's that got to do with her?

I really don't know him.

The picture window is too dirty to see through.


They buried him in his grave.

I can't take you to work with me.

Chris fell asleep while reading a book.

The costs are too high.

I can't think of any other plan.

Thank you for your visit.

Let me know if you know where to find some.


We knew we had a good team.

Do you know her well?

Do you know this part of the city very well?

If I had studied Spanish last year as I am doing these months, I would speak much better now.

He hasn't injured you, has he?

World War II ended in 1945.

In large size stars, nuclear fusion will continue until iron is formed. In stars, iron acts like an energy sponge. It soaks up the star's energy. This energy is eventually released in a big explosion called a supernova.

I'm always stressed out.

My cat purrs when I scratch behind his ears.


Nothing makes you lose your dignity more than falling in love.

I have no idea where he has been going.

"How do I get to 5th Street?" "Turn right at the second street, go two blocks and turn right again."

You said we wouldn't talk about Mechael, right?

Excuse me, where are the eggs?


Dorothy sent him a nice present.

Is the shop close?

They simply need to find a scapegoat.


Who runs things here?

We must've blown a fuse.

We saw it.

Let's not do the work.

They played table tennis together.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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What is a planetary year?

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Their trip has been cancelled due to rain.

There was lavender in bloom as far as the eye could see.

Which shall I begin with?

Be careful what you say.

She insisted that I should pay the bill.

I won't be blackmailed.

What was his childhood nickname?

These windows aren't clean.

My heart bounded with joy.

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It's okay to look, but it's rude to stare.

I'd like a room for tonight.

I acknowledge your kindness.

You should follow your doctor's advice.

I'll be in Boston for three months.

Syun was gutted by the death of his best friend.

Felix has an attitude problem.

Wolfgang will be back this week.

I can't find the waistcoat of my three piece suit.

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What was your relationship with your father like when you were a kid?

Suresh leaned against the mantelpiece.

I would maintain with my last breath that he is innocent.

I submit this plan for your consideration.

Jeremy has been here for three hours.

I'm trying to keep an open mind.

Prakash felt like taking a walk.


Glen is a wine critic.


The mechanic recommended that Axel have the rear brake pads on his car replaced.


You can do that right now.

He's waiting for you at home.

Donald told me that he often drinks root beer, but he'd not only never drunk spruce beer, he'd never even heard of it.

Get ready. The school bus will be here in a few minutes.

Today we are going to study the formation of the Earth.