Kikki has twice as many books as I do.

My daughter is blonde.

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Valerie and Judge were speaking in French, but switched to English when John entered the room.

Joyce could sing quite well when he was a child.

We will never know if he is trustworthy.

I thought Hienz wouldn't do that.

I can't stand to live alone.

Nicholas got the children to laugh.

Approximately 80% of landmine casualties are civilian.


I'm too tired to walk any further.

I don't think like you.

People now have the Web, personal data assistants, microwave ovens, and other technologies. You can consider we're already in the future.

It won't be wise to overwork at the cost of your health.

The weather today is great, as it will be tomorrow.

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Name-calling is never productive.

Everybody said so.

Humans are healed, but machines are repaired.

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The bells started to ring.

Are you saying that Ilya's crazy?

Do you have a Finnish dictionary?


To whom do I have the pleasure?

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Let's see what can be done.

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Where did you find his photo?

My parents are against my marriage.

This machine generates electricity.


Maarten can die happy now.

I don't wash your car.

He has a racket.

Once you start eating popcorn, it's almost impossible to stop.

They didn't like the film.

Good God! You scared me there.

Valentin didn't get in until after 2:30 this morning.


She felt her heart beat quickly.

Tandy decided to leave.

I miss your jokes.

Cathy doesn't have to work on Sundays.

I've had a look around.


"I'm the witch of the sand." "The sand witch?"

My mum let me go to the movies.

Victor showed Hans into the room.

Clem knew better than to say such a thing to Patrice.

I'd like to see them win.

Don't move these books.

It's hard to understand you.


Les is going to do that.


I'm no one special.

Close the door behind you.

You must be very busy.

Would you be kind enough to write?

Bret was not the man of my dreams.

A father and son represent two generations.

I am nothing.

The house burned to the ground before the fire truck arrived.

You just have to be patient.

He has broken the record.

This is a statue of Pluto.

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Mwa has a lot of problems to deal with.

I don't agree and I will tell you why.

That would be Lindsay's problem, not ours.

I helped other people do it.

Is that as fast as you can go?

They are building a long bridge across the channel.

Julia sings.

We're halfway through.

I thought Perry might stop by this afternoon.

I refrained from voting.

He is speaking English.

Everybody wants to sit beside her.

Twelve-year-old Alice Brownotter ran a total distance of nearly twenty-five hundred kilometres from North Dakota to the United States capital to call for more protection of fresh water sources. "Water is life," she said, "and when the oil pipeline under the Missouri River breaks, it will affect everyone."

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Christie was wearing a pretty dress.

How much is the most expensive car?

He's just like you.

Be careful. This may be the last time in your life you make a mistake.

I was hoping you'd ask.


My mother carefully opened the door.

I acted out my belief.

He was adapted to the circumstances.

I've been told this is a quiet town.

Thank you for helping me organize Ned's birthday party.

A time bomb went off at the airport and killed 13 people.

We enjoyed having you as our guest.

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I wish I had my camera with me right now.

I don't care if it snows.

I can wait out here.


He is very peculiar in his behavior.

You're not exactly supposed to be here.

We are calculating the benefits.


They were very popular.

I haven't been home on a Friday night since I was thirteen.

I don't like those who say so.


It is Egypt that he wants to visit.

You're not going to get fired.

The doors were left unlocked.


She saw a snake.

Youtube is a scam site

The toilet is clogged.

Could we speak to Duncan?

Irving is slightly tipsy.


The problem was I couldn't speak French.

I asked Coleen where he had been.

Hohn had Duane make him a sandwich.

Is there something I can help you with?

I can understand him perfectly.


I'm riding with them.


Why can't we do something?


I like speaking Welsh.


Bjorne made me sing.


We will welcome whoever wants to come to the party.

We have to wear school uniforms at school.

What do Andreas's parents do?

I don't really understand why.

The job advertisement specifically requested females.

I remember that Lenin listened to theremin in 1920 (but of course I wasn't there in person at that time).

Do we have to watch this?

Everyone likes them.

Lorien worries too much about what people think about him.

We can't tow this car.

I've never made a lot of money.


I did my best to protect Rabin.


The patient's lung tissue was damaged from years of working in a coal mine.

Why did you do all this?

Space travel is dangerous.

Why does luck hate us?

I have a mission to complete.

Moira refreshes the page every 3 seconds.

I expect no special treatment.

My grandfather is so fond of reading that not a day passes in which he doesn't open a book.

A true gentleman never betrays his friends.

The world is a narrow bridge, the main thing is to fear nothing.

He has great influence in his country.

She has great ability in teaching English.

I won't find a girlfriend.

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Kathy is probably really sleepy.

Pratap failed to escape.

I only followed the recipe.

You really want to move back to Boston, don't you?

I borrowed your pillow.


They enjoy the benefits of a great reputation.

I'm going to have a good time this weekend.

Wait until further notice.

I will be fourteen years old tomorrow.

I thought I told you to stay in your room.

Does the music have to be so loud?

He likes cooking for his family.

I told you that!

This company has a customer loyalty program.

He has seldom had a meal with his family.

Why is that light flashing?

He gave up.

Did they say anything?

When were you planning on telling Margaret?

I wish you could go with him.

Frank isn't watching TV now.

I did try to warn her.

Vistlik doesn't like not being able to control Moran.

Soon I will be very rich.

I know you're smarter than me.

Shari is as tall as his father.

Alan can't remember where he bought his pink socks.

They sell fish and meat.


You really ought to wash your hands of this borderline illegal work.

That's not a real diamond, is it?

She was careful not to leave the door unlocked.

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Who did Mother Teresa help?

They say that he is seriously ill.

What a pity she can't come!

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I was abroad on an assignment.