They won't back off.

Cristopher was willing to help us.


Can you tell what deck we're on?


Sooner or later, I'll probably visit Boston.

Dani is obscene.

Scorpions are dangerous.

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I'm already married.

Many people were killed in the war.

What is the matter with him?


I'd better think this over.


I use computers.

I'd love to go with you to the show, but I'm flat broke.

I gave him advice, to which he paid no attention.


I just gave him one.

My sister takes piano lessons twice a week.

Am I talking too loud?

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She's obviously drunk.

It's right up your alley.

Something unexpected happened.

Robert never dreamed that Olaf would ever leave him.

Valentin may not resign willingly.

These girls are more charming than the ones I met yesterday.

The hotel told Lorien that no more rooms were available at the price that was advertised in the paper.


I think it's safe to assume Sylvan won't be here tomorrow.

Franklin is pretty good at telling jokes.

We'll be able to go on when it clears up.

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I need to see her.

Sidney doesn't seem to be contributing.

I thought you said you didn't know Sanity.

Perry seems to be incompetent.

I'm not usually in the office on Mondays.

You should write a book!

There are bean bags in our library.

Every day of thy life is a page in thy history.

You are a woman and I am a man.


First, I'd like to thank God.

Being told an idiot is much worse than being called dumb.

I doubt if he will succeed.

You're going to prison.

It's past your bedtime.

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She has watered the plants.

If you made a mistake, then overcome your shame, try to expiate your fault.

Smoking has affected his health.

I guess I'll find out next week.

John hates me and it shows.


Lex clapped his hands.

He likes his school a lot.

We just didn't want to do that.


The exceptional never happens in ordinary trivial ways.

Are you motivated?

Rhonda and I first met in Boston.

That group is presently very active.

I can't stand Miki.

Can I sleep on your couch?

Get up and fight.

Aren't you late?

The fog has lifted.


He is willing to stand by you.

I have a train to catch.

I didn't think anyone would be here.


I know how much you meant to Liza.


I think this is the most impressive building on Park Street.

It's a slow Oriental rythm.

I'll swim with them tomorrow.

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This was a bolt from the blue.

I will make it without a car and on time.

His son doesn't work at a bank.

Why don't you tell me about it?

That is a very good thing.

I don't know whether he'll join us or not.

He is in my favor.

I bought a commemorative medal on my trip.

Why couldn't someone help Griff?


He was made to go out of the room.

I think Sidney is kind.

The others sent either a friend or a secretary.

Amigo scared the pants off you, didn't he?

They parted, never to see each other again.

That box is made of wood.

A few days after new moon, we see a thin crescent in the western evening sky. The crescent Moon waxes, or appears to grow fatter, each night.

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I have a friend who can speak French.

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Have you ever argued with your manager?

Have a great weekend!

First off, I'd like you to come with me to a department store sale.

I'm probably wrong.

There are additional students to my Spanish class.

Will you sing some English songs for us?

I took a day off yesterday and went on a picnic.

Philippe kept dropping subtle hints about what he wanted for his birthday.

If you want to go on with the conversation, you'd better speak a bit lower.

That box is bigger than this one.

There's a peacock in the courtyard.

Please tell me what happened.

The scandal nearly wrecked her career.

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This is a mechanical toy.


Would you mind turning down the radio?

I'm just finishing up the report.

Let's not forget what Ronni said last week.

Don't blame it on them.

He writes with a fountain pen.

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You are sure to succeed, whatever you do.


The financial prospects are excellent.

Thierry and Naomi embraced each other.

Damn, where's her daily dose of insulin?

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I know that you meant well when you gave me that suggestion, and I'm offering advice to you in the same spirit.


You see some trees in front of the school.


We'll deal with it later.

Shirley couldn't find Judith.

We've lost 3 to 0.


That'll be a lot of fun, I think.

That chicken hasn't laid any eggs lately.

Our team is ready.

I'm really proud of these kids.

Don't you notice anything?

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Nothing should be touched.


I never win any arguments.

When the lecturer turned round, he sneaked out of the classroom.

There was some trouble the day he moved in.

The old lady was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

The French word "amour" comes from the Occitan language through the troubadours, otherwise it would be "ameur".

What action should we take?

Are you chicken, Steve?

I'm a highly trained Kipling cake eater.

I wouldn't care if Kent did that.

I don't know what to do either.

Some people aren't practical at all.

He will be back by Monday at the latest.

Being aware of what and how much we eat is essential to good health.

The building will be made of concrete on a steel framework.

He regrets having neglected his studies in his school days.

We're being paranoid.

What was the cause of the accident?

I realize it's hard to believe.

You met my sister, didn't you?


Is Mr. Nakamura at home?

Shall I check the oil?

I liked you.


Einstein's theories contributed greatly to modern science.

That school looks just like a prison.

That desk is too small for Meg.

I wish I had the courage to show my feelings.

Mitzi thought that Bruno loved her, but actually he just wanted to have sex with her.


Go tell her.

I think I've been living alone too long.

When did you come to Japan?


I dedicate this song to you.

I prefer the former plan to the latter.

Teresa isn't going to think that's funny.

Kirsten cut himself shaving.

He accepted gifts from them.


I don't believe it.

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Put your books in order.


I was dressed up as a girl at the school festival.

The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand.

This is a picture of my family.


We will be in trouble.

Corporate earnings in the first quarter improved sharply.

We're great friends.

I wish we had time.

I think we did OK.


I don't cook.