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He's a great coach.


We didn't give up.

You need to figure it out by yourself.

She is a lady, and ought to be treated as such.

The stairs are over there.

There was a sergeant that I particularly hated in the army.


We're really late.

Matti goaded Izchak to the garage.

You could have omitted that last phrase in your letter.

I think Kee is loyal.

This is a great theory.


Pirates made unarmed merchant ships prey.

It is true that behavior cannot be legislated, and legislation cannot make you love me, but legislation can restrain you from lynching me, and I think that is kind of important.

I wish Rudolph would weed the garden.

Put your guns down!

I'll be back in about a week.

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It was pretty shocking.

Anatoly said that you'd want to go with us.

What killed them?


I had my wallet stolen on the bus.

You have gorgeous eyes.

When children are ordered to do a certain thing by such adult standards, they frequently refuse to follow the instructions for no other reason than that they have been told to do so.

In 2015, Novak Djokovic of Serbia became the third man in the Open Era of tennis (starting in 1968), after Rod Laver and Roger Federer, to reach all four Grand Slam finals in a single year.

Neil offered to help us do that.

Johann opened the clothes dryer and took out his clothes.

There's still a lot left.

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Maria awaited him, but he did not come.

I have my own room.

The first to die in war is the truth.

Year 2011's most infamous expression is "Kebab murders".

Open this, will you?

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Do you really think it's no good?

I'm at my wit's end.

Do you like Schweppes?

It has been ten years since I came here.

Please give my best regards to your mother.


I'm still doing it.

What's your problem with Ravi?

Avery told Think and Louiqa told John.

I told her once and for all that I wouldn't go shopping with her.

You could've told me that before.

The retired judge used to visit prostitutes regularly.

The root cause of any divorce is marriage.

He drives a truck.

Who would buy one of those?

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We can do better.

I sure wouldn't want to do what Ssi just did.

Dan didn't even give Linda a chance to explain.

I didn't know what was in the envelope.

You don't need to give me a call.

My relationship with Donne isn't your concern.

Yvonne won't be bothering us.


I have to go tell them.

Making such a large sale is a feather in the salesman's cap.

Therefore it is important for us to be aware of other forms of politeness.

We went whitewater rafting over the weekend.

He succeeded to his father's business.


You don't have to commit yourself unless you want to.

Please call me up if you want me.

An old ox makes straight furrows.

Give me back my wallet.

It only happened once.

Gypsy is not religious, nor does he believe in God.

Many people work in industrial towns.

The "Bolashak" program is very useful.

Jeff is no friend of mine.

There's still no sign of her.

We don't work for Rand.

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At that time, my house was under construction.

I'm supposed to meet Cliff at 2:30.

Why didn't you tell me Miles wasn't Canadian?

Did the timer go off?

Do you have a gas can I can borrow?

What I told her was true.

Merton is very good-natured.

I want to get off at the next stop.

Can you verify that this message is from Claude?

I think Manolis is arrogant.

I've been very happy lately.

Are you going there on business?

Election returns were what we had expected.


Don't throw trash here.

He stumbled on the stump.

How will you manage that?

Nobody liked Luis.

I think one of us ought to ask Caroline what he thinks.

I appreciate the effort.

I paid only a trifle for the picture.

I'd like to strangle him.

She doesn't want you to know.

I've become friends with Jane.

Roy and Skeeter returned to their seats.

Kazuhiro wished Morton a happy birthday.

Don't make such a racket!

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It is impossible to master English in a short time.

Fine. And you?

We cannot rule out the possibility that civil war will break out in that country.


You're authorized to do so.

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The law is meant to redress decades of discrimination against the country's ethnic minorities.


He has no sense of direction.


I've thought about it, and what we're doing is just not right, so let's break up after today.

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Owen has no friends to play with.

He was kind enough to give me something cold to drink.

You're a good boy, Oliver.

You're just going to have to get used to it.

Do you think Walt is strong enough?

What's Edgar up to nowadays?

Let's throw a party for her.

This maze is very hard to get out of.

In music, he is a famous critic.

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We need a publisher first.

Surely there was some mistake.

Can he see our horse?

Those is very talented, isn't he?

"Aha!" they would say.

Hotta said that he wanted to go visit Santa Claus at the North Pole.

Would you care to join me?


Spring is the season that Lucy likes best.

What are Del and Daren doing here?

Shannon will let Betsy decide.


I hate the winter.

They're after you.

How do you think that makes me feel?

He is a physicist.

We have freedom.

Subra sold his old refrigerator to Cathy.

What's the average lifespan of a butterfly?

Diamonds are forever.

Hurf closed his eyes and thought about Charlene.

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Miki is smart.

What do you find attractive about her?

I think he knows about us.

Manavendra took the habit of running every morning.

How long will the concert last?

We'd better get out of the way.

I have a funeral to attend.

You have never said hello to me in all the years I've known you.

We'll follow them.

Let's race to the Izakaya!

Hy is catching on.

Robbin would never forgive himself if anything happened to Ami.

She is pretty rather than beautiful.


I'd like Kaj to spend some time with our children.

I have photographed my daughter.

I am dating my cram school teacher.

They're ugly.

I don't blame anyone.

Ernest said you'll be all right.

I think Terri is going to be all right.

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I heard Wolfgang say he needed to find Pratapwant.


Ozan and Shakil both couldn't remember where they had first met.

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I'll just do it myself.


"3031" is "01" encoded to Unicode.

I think he didn't understand.

I will go to Kumamoto to see Mr. Aoi tomorrow.

Jeremy rolled his window back up.

I will write him when I know his address.


I'll see you in a day or two.

I might seem strong, but in actuality I am anything but.

It's good to have you back.

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We all have experienced the serendipity of relevant information arriving just when we were least expecting it.


Erwin wasn't able to attend the party.

Are the cherries ripe enough to pick?

He didn't give me time to think.

Blowfish is a delicacy in Japan.

Don't tell me Moore didn't tell you.

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It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.