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We went there.

We are good friends now, but there was a time when we didn't like each other.

He isn't wearing a hat.

I think we're in trouble.

Lou tried not to listen to Rodney and John discussing their financial situation.

Americans call foolish persons turkeys.

This is an important point.


When I reached the classroom, she was already gone.

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Do you mean this one?

She bought flour and oil in quantity.

Will you lend me your CD player for an hour?

Do you speak Esperanto?

Pantelis has meetings all day on Mondays.

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Scot asked Teresa when she was going to buy a new pair of shoes for her youngest daughter.


He couldn't help laughing at it.

You're so dramatic.

Urs, the gang leader, announced an all-out war with all the rival gangs.

Donne boarded up his windows.

As I didn't know his address, I couldn't write to him.

The speech was greeted by loud cheers.

Travis and Donn did not even understand the deeper meaning of the sentence they were in, thinking to themselves that it must be really hard to understand the meaning of sentences they were not in.

Brendan didn't know that Hawaii was part of the United States.

I'm going to go say goodbye to Izchak.


With his last breath, he told him that he was adopted.


What a terrible day!

Ronni is wearing an expensive-looking watch.

There was a bridge there.

They don't see the extent to which they depend on others.

All you have to do is wait and see.


Javier blushed.

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I love the colors of food!


I have seen a UFO before.


You can't intimidate me.

He was employed by the day.

How long are you going to stay there?

They have four classes in the morning.

We'll get rid of it.

You are certainly homesick.

Her son will succeed for sure.

Are the fingers yours?

There are some things that you should never try doing.

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Buying and consuming cannabis is prohibited by law in many countries.

We're done waiting.

I wish the world would change so people did not have to work.

You've never been to Boston, have you?

I should have read the signs.

I agreed to the proposal.

Can I borrow your car keys?

What are you doing for dinner tomorrow?

I'd like to visit Australia.

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He woke up naked and confused.


As she looked around to see what she had done she began to cry.

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We're home.

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Vandalism is a significant problem in this part of the city.

We need a victory.

Where are you calling from?

That's why I didn't tell you.

Many young people in Japan eat bread for breakfast.

Hans moved back to Boston to take over his father's business.

Mason ate all the ice cream.

Mayo and Charlie were married.

Dimitry is pretty unhappy, isn't he?

He is managing the business for his father.

Can you manage?

Let's go to the stadium, because today's match will not be televised.

I have the map.


The best hairdressers are gay.


Malloy hardly ever stays home on Saturdays.

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I hate fighting.

We have better weapons than the enemy does.

Axel would never hurt Wolf.

The bus stops at Hotel Iceland.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.

China is twenty times bigger than Japan.

We're worse off now than before.

We made a promise to meet at school.

Carolyn has offered to walk me home.

She gave him a sweater on his birthday.

This thin book is mine.


What language do they speak in America?

Did you think I came here just to pass the time of day?

May I have your name, please?


Could you convert this file into a Windows 95 compatible file and re-send it?

We have a small chance of winning.

I have nothing to do here.

Tran is afraid of Teri.

I will write to you soon.

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The plane still hasn't taken off.

She kept body and soul together in such days.

I always travel with travelers' checks instead of cash.

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I want more food.

That's the book I told you about.

I tried in vain to open it.


We're giving you about ten minutes.


I sometimes enjoy my leisure in fishing.

I'd like someone to ask Christie that.

What makes you so sure it's not a fake?

The anxiety of sellers to avail of prices which look very high.

She scratched her itch through the scalp to the brain.


Can you replace Lars?

Could you come to tomorrow's meeting?

There were few children in the classroom.


My mother has cooked ten eggs.

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Svante asked me where I had bought my bicycle.

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You can't be around today.


Father has lost his job, and what's worse, Mother has fallen ill.

Rod won't be going camping with us this weekend.

The huge number of new esperanto speakers makes me happy.

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I'm doubly disappointed on the lack of improvement from my team.

Eris is about 2400 kilometers wide.

The cleanser removed the dirt from the oven.

"What's up? Fidgeting around in front of the house." "Um ... I was waiting for you to come back."

Imagine that you had a time machine.

Enos became the first chimp to orbit the earth on November 29, 1961, aboard a Mercury Atlas rocket. Although the mission plan originally called for three orbits, due to a malfunctioning thruster and other technical difficulties, flight controllers were forced to terminate Enos' flight after two orbits. Enos landed in the recovery area and was picked up 75 minutes after splashdown. He was found to be in good overall condition.

You would not have needed to take a taxi.

I nearly spilled my coffee on the keyboard.

A good craftsman takes pride in his work.

The company is bleeding money.

You need to become more active.


Who made the actual arrest?

I couldn't wait for them.

"Bah!" said Scrooge, "Humbug!"

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This is my child.

Have you ever switched off the heater in winter?

He has nothing to do with it.

Did you do it out of spite?

I need to lie down.

What do you do for work?

Did you have a nice dinner with Cliff?

I have a respect for those who went before me.

Brandi flushed the drugs down the toilet.


We had no alternative but to fight.

It's a shame that you don't honour us with your presence.

I need to know your intentions.

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I didn't yell.

He came running.

He is noted as a soccer player.

I'm closer to Collin than anyone else.

Things were never the same after that.


Sometimes reading took up half his time.

Be careful with my luggage.

I hope you sleep well.

I'm cold.

They believe in Marxism and don't believe in religion.

I haven't yet met the family Jeannie lived with in Boston.

They are able to retire while fairly young and enjoy the lifestyle of their choice in good health.

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I wonder how it would feel like to be a man.

Previously the mechanic took a lot more.

I enjoyed it for a while.

Patty threw a snowball at Kee.

He was very naughty when he was a little boy.


He had never studied English before he went to the United States.


From the practical point of view, his plan is not easy to carry out.

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These flowers are dying.

Pardon me but your fly is undone.

Please follow the nurse's directions.

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Do you want me to leave you alone?

Both teams are unbeaten.

India is populous.