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NuLegacy is proud to provide our prescription drug card to millions of Americans across the country who want to reduce their healthcare costs.  We hope this incredible program will benefit you and your family for years to come. Please help us by sharing this wonderful opportunity with everyone you know.

Thank you!

    "One of my associates shared the NuLegacy Rx card with a friend. Their son has a prescription that normally costs $300 each month, but with the NuLegacy Rx card they only paid $24.00! They were very grateful."
    Scott O. (California)

    "I printed out a NuLegacy Rx card for my nephew last week. He purchased an inhaler for his son which normally costs $48.00, but the pharmacy only charged him $8.00, saving him $40.00!"
    Susan C. (Arizona)

    "My father-in-law takes a prescription for back pain. When my mother-in-law went in to pick it up it was $139.00, so she pulled out the NuLegacy Rx card and saved $96.00!"
    Robert H. (Indiana)

    "I looked into NuLegacy because I was one without insurance. I got a NuLegacy Rx card from the free clinic and could not believe the savings. The regular price was $57.00, but my price was $18.71 - what a savings!"
    Judy M. (Ohio)

    "One day my wife and I were getting a prescription filled and found out that it was not covered by our insurance. So, she gave them our NuLegacy Rx card for the prescription. The retail cost was $55.00, but with the Rx card it only cost us $15.00."
    Charles P. (Maryland)

    "A friend called to tell me their brother had just used the NuLegacy Rx card and saved $108 on his prescription!! He doesn't have insurance and his medicine is so important for him."
    Barbara P. (Ohio)

    "My husband takes a medication for high blood pressure. The regular cost of the medication is $54.69, but thanks to the NuLegacy Free Rx Card we only pay $8.99, which is a savings of $45.70!"
    Ethel J. (Georgia)

    "I want to say the NuLegacy Rx Card has been a blessing for us. It has saved our family over $684 dollars a year on my wife's prescriptions for the past 3 years. The NuLegacy Card is awesome!"
    Kevin & Brunetta C. (Texas)

    "A few months ago I used my card to get a prescription that was $97.00, but I could not take care of that at the time. I had my NuLegacy Rx card with me and asked the pharmacist to file the info on the card. I picked it up the next day and paid just $27.00!"
    Jeff S. (California)

    "I have insurance (prescription) co-pay of $25. I took a script to the pharmacy and asked the clerk to check to see if it was less expensive with the NuLegacy Rx card. He did and I paid less than $8 with our free card! Thanks for this great product!"
    Sherry G. (Arizona)

THIS DISCOUNT PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE. This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The plan member is obligated to pay for all healthcare services, but will receive a discount from contracted healthcare providers. This plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services. Internet website address to obtain participating providers is