You will need a bodyguard.

Many soldiers were killed here.

I want to thank you for what you've done.

Ping asked me some questions about Sekar.

The climate of Japan is milder than that of England.

How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven.


He took the express for Tokyo.


Our resident squirrel eats all our camellias.

He always walks with a rifle.

How can I get to the Duty Free Shop from here?

I am now fairly certain.

Certain creoles obtain an official status, for example like in Malaysia.


Why didn't you say anything?

He went totally apeshit!

A poor workman blames his tools.

I don't even know what to say to Tahsin.

Lars cut his hand when he fell.


Maarten, this is Konstantinos's brother John.


She is in a green dress.

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I just started crying.

Out in the furthest reaches of the galaxy there are a bunch of stars named after dead actors.

I had difficulties interpreting the question.

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This medicine renews your strength.

People who resort to ad hominem arguments are all a bunch of backwoods jackasses.

A sloth must conserve its energy because it eats a low-calorie diet of leaves.

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You're good at what you do.

I don't see anything!

Eddie had to cover for Jason.

Could you translate this for me?

What happened to make you laugh so much?

There's no point arguing with men. They are always wrong.

Just stay the way you are.

How did Shadow sound?

I meant to have come.


The program ended at 7:00 p.m.

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You're a star.

It's warm, so I turned on the electric fan.

I was challenged by a gatekeeper.


I must spend the money remaining to me only for essential things.


We were just about to leave when she telephoned.

He made all of the clothes himself.

There is not a scrap of truth in his words.

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I need to lose a little weight.


Omar is a friendly guy.


You're getting so big.

This happens to be mine.

I want to keep doing this for as long as possible.


Is it really everywhere?


Sriram yanked the plug from the wall.

Only the best is good enough.

This isn't about her.

You just need to read this book.

I thought Jeannette did a nice job.

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You're pretty calm cool and collected for somebody who has a major presentation tomorrow.

Pepper burned his mouth.

You and I are both adults.

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There's nothing physically wrong with Farouk.

I found out I can't make up interesting sentences about nuclear weapons.

Bring your help to the citizens, and to their wives and children.

I am failing at cooking.

This is not what we want.

Stevan peeked into Reid's room, but she wasn't there.

I hope Kieran didn't see that.

Words wound more easily than they heal.

Though young, he is an able man.


Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

He gave food to many.

Maybe I should write a letter to Trying.

True art of life is to see the extraordinary amongst the ordinary.

They wouldn't have cancelled the game if it hadn't rained so heavily.

No one threatened him.

I just said the same thing.


I don't know if I can memorize this long password.

You've invited your friends too, haven't you?

I tried to talk to Ron, but he ignored me.


Let's try this one here.

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I'm helping people to buy things online.

I'm staying with them.

The lecture on the budget was very interesting.

"The key is in the lock," the man added.

Would you like to be my apprentice?

Barton made Lila some cookies.

I filled in my own name on the form.


The current is very strong.

I don't regret what I've done.

I have enjoyed myself to the full.


How do you intend to do it?

This is too important to overlook.

She said she had been happy.

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Were you in an accident?

The whistle blew.

I bumped into the window.

Anne accepted Henry's proposal.

Masanao seems like a great kid.


Get over there, sit down, and shut up.


Could I have a slice of cheesecake?


The topic of the episode is "I am the baddest son of a bitch around".


The test of the new engine takes place today.

He is known for his decency. He has never been involved in a corrupt act.

Brandon texts Dana several times a day.

The host entertained us at the party.

As the Moon moves eastward away from the Sun in the sky, we see a bit more of the sunlit side of the Moon each night.

A thief crept in through the window.

The ostrich has wings, but it cannot fly.

Teenagers often break rules.

She named him Charles.

I walked along the footpath.

I think we should stop here.

I want some of that stuff.

My hobby is to cook.


That's what I told the police.


Two minds are better than one.

He said he did not do it.

Glen said he wanted to play.

The contract expires next year.

I'm afraid the story will give him a wrong impression.

What is life?

I wouldn't like to do that.


Biologists view the chupacabras as a contemporary legend.

Have you ever heard of Lucia Popp, who was a Slovakian opera singer?

Sofia wasn't able to find a babysitter on such short notice.


Do you know his name?

I want popcorn.

She is most kind to me.


I looked around for Wilson.


I don't want to play tennis with Price.


I don't see that happening.

Art tuned his guitar.

She hummed her child to sleep.


The beaches of Huelva are very pretty.

She asked me to meet her at the station.

He wanted to get his shirts washed.

They were found dead.

I'm working on my speech.

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It's do or die now.

No better, no worse, just different.

Where do you think I should go to college?


She advised him not to drink too much.


Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has won 13 Olympic medals.

The end does not necessarily justify the means.

It may be wise to do what they ask.


There is an answer key in the back of the book.

Delete his name from the list.

There's a lot of drama in my family.

Can anybody tell me where Patricio went?

I live within walking distance of school.

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She slowly moved forward.

In the town there was a measure of peace.

I'm very tired, but I can't get to sleep.

Pim wanted to become a policeman.

The injured were transported by ambulance.


That was the trouble.

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I was the one who suggested it.

It's hard to be modest when you are the best.

I think you should get a haircut.