Tell them to give it to you.

I like to swim in salt water.

What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul.

To my astonishment, my money was gone.

I wish I could've met List.

Suzan is crazy.


The Atlantic Ocean is very big.

I wish I knew how to speak French.

We couldn't stop giggling.

The baby is growing up.

Let's scrap everything and start over again with a clean slate.

Would you like some cake?

I came to wish you good luck.

I told Siping what I knew.

You've been a good audience.


Ricky didn't answer the phone.

Should we go forth with the party on Saturday?

Report to the emergency room.

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That isn't true.

We were looking for him.

Tanya and Clayton aren't here today.

This used to belong to you.

Everyone else waited.

That will be a problem.

Vincent has gentle hands.

Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

Be silent in the library, boys.

Wisdom does not automatically come with age.

I wrote this letter in French.

This is an example of the survival of the fittest, as it is called.

Compare your answers with the teacher's.

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Hey, can you help me? Oh, nevermind! Looks like you are busy.


Try to stay a bit more alert to what goes on around you.


They robbed my orchard.


You were really good, too.

You'd better tell me if you did something wrong.

How is this flower called?


I want to make sure nothing's broken.


He sometimes has trouble expressing his opinions.

Price went to Pune.

Oh, come off it.

I suggest we forget our differences and try to cooperate.

Narendra gave Gabriel a black eye.

She will pay for this.

I think you're overstating the problem.


Just dissolve the tablet in a glass of water and drink.

That happens in life.

I called him up, but he wasn't there.

Why would I be offended?

Her life ebbed away from her through her wounds.

You loved Dalton, didn't you?

I gotta beep out what I really wanna shout.

Well, what are you good at?

My father is the breadwinner.

Why? Because his family needed the money, that's why.

How many times a month do you write your mother?

The reporter rented an expensive room.

Let's go visit him.


Rolf is looking for advice.

I finally understand.

What is aspirin made of?

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Can you hear me now?

I'm the one who should be doing this.

My friend is stupid.


Why is everyone applauding?

You have to put up with all this noise.

Going out with friends at night is sadly incompatible with my sleep cycle.

The Arctic ice is shrinking because the ocean under the ice is warming.

You're a compulsive complainer.

We agree with him.

We ask questions to our teachers.

Sylvan walked into the cell.

I could order you to do that.


We're going to have to do this again.


I'm still not sure what I should be doing.

I ran out of the room without knowing what I was doing.

Raanan drove to the store and bought three cans of insect spray.


I don't like a novel without a hero.

Rod isn't his real name.

Thank you for showing me how to do that.


We cannot complete this work in a day.

She borrowed a book from him many years ago and hasn't returned it yet.

I've been poor.

Teachers should deal fairly with their pupils.

We spent too much for the Christmas presents.

The cheap prices tempted me to buy things I didn't need.

We hate this enemy of the country.


She is a genius.

Ask Jennie how he's feeling.

I just want some answers.

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Boyce doesn't like us very much.


You're not the only one who knows how to do that.

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You're insightful.

Ahmed's clothes were shabby.

I've been asked to give you a message.

She was thrown out of school.

Please come to the table.

Tell me what Old told you.

You must remember the fact that you owe her a lot.

Spike doesn't drink now.

I haven't been totally honest with you.

Rogue installed a surveillance camera.

They ran away from school.

Every student has to leave school by six.

She put her hands on his shoulders.

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I think I know why.

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I'm on my way to Floyd's place.


"Where did you go?" "I went to the train station to see a friend off."

Jesus wept.

Don't forget them.


This alarm clock gains one minute a day.

You look really nervous.

I just want to be certain that it's OK.

Jones decided that he wouldn't tell Wendell anything about the incident.

The genesis of that idea can be traced back to a casual conversation a decade earlier.


He won the genetic lottery.

I'm sure everything'll be OK.

Are there beautiful women here?

He knocked at the door.

We wandered from the course.


Jayesh grows his own vegetables.

I told Marvin I'd take care of him.

My foot hurts.

I was embarrassed.

Take control.

Do whatever you want about it.

I have to wake him up soon.

Was this man an enemy of the church?

I am a big fan of the arts.

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We were crushed into the crowded train.

Marion doesn't know where Doyle put her suitcases.

That big advertisement tower puts our city to shame.

He does not belong in the city.

Kamel was forced to sell her parents' house, where she had grown up, and this made her heart ache.


Tell him yourself.

Lucy will certainly come.

Who'd want to wear that?

Does Syd want to sleep on the couch?

I have sisters.


Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.


I hate this town.

What is your sister doing now?

This accident has nothing to do with me.

He would give almost anything for that.

I could keep him company.

We shouldn't have gotten up so early.

Maybe Pedro will come.

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Anatoly couldn't remember where he'd put his umbrella.

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Canada is a large country.


The belief that going outside with your hair still wet will result in meningitis is just an urban myth.

Yumi went there by herself.

The more you suffer in life, the more compassionate you become.

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Murat accepted everything without complaining.

Presley's personal life is his own.

I'm not letting Eliot do this by himself.

Give him a drink.

We're really afraid.

Put away your bicycle.

What an idiot! I forgot my keys!

A minute has sixty seconds.

We are arguing with the neighbors.

How do computers do math?

I want to see!

I heard the report.

Jeannette's house must be around here somewhere.