How can I ever repay you?

They made sure that these orders were carried out.

Stacy lived in a town not too far from Boston.

Are you working on any exciting new projects?


That's a crime.

He has a nice build.

Can you get that medicine over the counter or do you need a prescription?


Pieter knew that Troy wouldn't give up.

I'm sorry if I made you feel unwelcome.

Yumi speaks very good English.

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Janos suffers from sleep apnea.

First, they should have right ideas of things, ideas that are based on careful observation, and understand causes of effects and their significance correctly.

I really liked your story.

Ji is in the hospital now.

Don't worry. I'll pay you for everything.

Deb is a good guitarist, isn't he?

Vadim appreciated Patrick's offer.

They looked on him as a great scholar.

How many brothers do you have?

My mother looks after the plants well.

Japan consists of four main islands.

Our daughter will be in the Shichi-Go-San festival this year.

Try to answer as many questions as possible.

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We are a fortress.

My friend tied my shoes together and I fell when I tried to stand up.

I can be exactly what you need.

Lance is all by himself.

I met her on the way to school.


The future scares me a lot.

My name isn't Earnie.

I feel better today.

Are you a model?

Her father is a brewer.

Rees is testing me.

Becky was cranky.

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Will you type this paper for me?


Why don't you have a family?

Did Joubert finish?

Phill overpowered the guard and took his gun.

I was a little upset.

We were busy.

Is this the reason you didn't want to come with me?

Jeweler! Locksmith!


Fletcher was busy all day yesterday.

It was watery soup spiced with pepper and rancid oil.

I have a deadline.


The economist is not laconic.

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Get me the evidence.


Why is it that you are always late?

I think that my French is really bad.

Linder is searching for something.

Winston was forced to sell her parents' house, where she had grown up, and this made her heart ache.

We'll be right back.


We'll start with the easy stuff.

Heavy downpours are increasing nationally, especially over the last three to five decades.

I didn't show it to anyone.

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Please let me go and see her.


I'm not the only one who doesn't agree with Roderick.

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Did you get everything you need?

Do you have children's clothes?

You seem to know me, but I don't know you.

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Roberta has a butler.

Whose pen is that?

My humility makes me proud.


The jewelry store is open.

Are you guys doing anything right now?

Do you know if my father is still in the office?


The position requires applicants to be skilled in spoken English.

That's what I'm doing here.

We have a package here for Alfred.

We must know about it.

They went to the United States last month.

Come on, take it easy. Chances are in your favor.

Here's a list of our demands.

What are you thinking?

Joseph jumped out of his bed.

Tandy's drinking has caused a lot of problems in his marriage.

Ross is a strong young man.

Prakash stayed cool.

We're proceeding on schedule.

Do you want to invite friends over for your birthday?

Oh, have you?


Do we really need him?

Where's the catch?

The flight was cancelled because of the thick fog.


I just wish I could be at home.

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Never forget it.


My dad was a coach.

It's a limited-time offer.

It is hard to convince Jack.

He opened the door.

Do you always wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

You need to eat more fiber.

Who do you think is familiar with this matter?

I didn't buy that.

How many students are there in your university?

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I'm not saying his music is bad.

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I heard the bell.


Okay, you caught me.

We've taken precautions.

What can you talk about for hours on the phone?

A river flows through the valley.

This book includes a variety of foods and their important facts related to health.

Why doesn't she think about me anymore?

Mr Smith is within shouting distance.


"What does BLT mean?" "I think it means bacon, lettuce and... Kristin?"

Come downtown with us.

Joachim says he knows something about Jeannette that we don't know yet.

Don't do anything you'll regret later.

"Hey, Zelda! What's up? "Nothing, Link." "You sure? I think you wanna kiss, huh?" "I think not."


The men go to work.


Germans are a coffee-drinking people.

Summer is the season when women look most beautiful.

She likens the impact of his training to a piano student progressing from the ability to play a simple tune to performing a concerto.


Pam wears a hat every day.

Kelvin invited my best friend to a party, but not me.

Discriminating against people because of their race is a mistake.


Leon likes brunettes.

And who claimed it would be easy?

They went on an expedition to the North Pole.

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I am working with them towards world peace.

I would never do such a thing.

I don't work for her anymore.


Who's your favorite jazz singer?

I wasn't joking.

Let's pick up the pace.


I'm delighted to see you again.


Nobody likes her.

Ti didn't expect to see Trey here.

Nobody recognizes me.

Do you have any plans yet?

How should people prepare before visiting another country?

I'm drinking water in the kitchen.

None of us will do anything to help you.

There's something I need to talk to you about.

It's impossible to know where he has gone.

You're the one who taught me how to do this.

Ronni has very long hair.


You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated need to believe.

I haven't played tennis in years.

Would you chew your food more, please?

How's your shoulder?

Not all things that happen happen on this world.

I continued to work all morning.

Hughes has a lower back tattoo.


Laurianne knows what we've been trying to do.

The game will be called off if it rains tomorrow.

What are your beliefs?

He takes very good care of his guests.

Women - why do they want to go to toilet in groups? I don't get it at all.

I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am.

Did you want to meet with her?

Kate is looked up to by everybody.

How can you not like horses?


I want to use these.


There is no water.

He seems to be in a slump.

When did you arrive in China?

That's the book I bought yesterday.

Tell me where I am.


Her mother was a Christian and her father a pagan, but this wasn't a problem for them at all.