I've asked around and everybody says that we shouldn't trust you.

Dwayne called Matthew and canceled their date.

I told Pieter I didn't want to go.

The man asked me who I was, to which question I did not think it necessary to answer.

Does this look good on me?

Father is cooking dinner in the kitchen now.

What will we do about getting tables, chairs and such?

That sounds like something Nancy would say.

I thought Daryl wasn't hungry.

The crow caws.


I gave him the day off.

There's a rumor that Douglas is gay.

We have reason to be upset.

When Dad came home, I was watching TV.

Looks like it will snow tomorrow.

How fast he runs!

I'd better not tell you about that now.

It wasn't you who told me about this.

A face with too much make up looks strange.

Many websites prohibit misleading usernames that imply an official role on the website such as "admin," "administrator," "webmaster," "system operator," "sysop," or "moderator."

Later that night, the shephard herded his sheep and went to bed.

Jack doesn't drive fast.

I'm not a quitter.

Her eyes shone as they reflected the light of the room.

I'm seeing Diane this afternoon.

You are sparkling.

We bought those books for them.


Everyone should've listened.

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No person by that name is listed in the register of the school.


Let's talk about somebody else.

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Nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas.

Laurie is reading a book now.

After graduation, I thought it was time to travel abroad to perfect my language skills but I had no money.

Blake motioned to Jisheng to keep quiet.

They have been in Brazil for one year.

Dawson is catching up on paperwork.

The Japanese yen is a stable currency.

Do you really think this is what I want?

Some people cannot bear traveling by sea.

It wasn't that funny.

Can I take photographs here?

She started shivering.

She dresses herself quickly.

May I be excused from Chinese?

But if I have committed a crime, every circumstance of the case is changed.

Do we really want Nigel to know how much money you make?

I saw the film, which was not so good.

The container is empty.

The plane had just taken off when my wife suddenly started to panic.

I asked Laurent what he'd do.

Because I hate you.

He did nothing but weep when he heard of his mother's death.

Do all corresponding modifications, please.

Can you reach it?

Just wrap it up.

I wish Sehyo had come to our party last night.

Yesterday I visited Clare's house.


Petr said that he'd be a few minutes late.

This is insoluble in water.

I'm enjoying my time here.


Margie said that he and Bob are planning to go to Boston next summer.


I don't enjoy acting.

Oh! I know very well that he is dead! cried out the trembling girl while lifting her tear-flooded face towards her protector.

It was very considerate of Mr Yamada to send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.

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She sat next to him on the sofa.

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I'm sure you would've done the same for me.


I was born in Osaka in the year 1977.


Can't you just stay a little bit longer?

They knew that doing their work cheerfully is the only way to make routine work bearable.

This is a very small book.

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The basket was full to the brim with strawberries.


We situated ourselves in the seats nearest the exit.

It's nearly half past two.

It would be good if I had a car.

We should set a trap.

As for the child, he is eating the meat.

The village which I visited last summer was a small one in Nagano Prefecture.

Your team is better than ours.

How was everything?

Tell Ahmed Old is waiting for him in the lobby.

Please drop in at my house on your way home.

I am a nobody.

We are counting on you.

Why I am not living with you?

And there is not even enough water.

I bought this for you.

About how much will I have to pay for all the treatments?

She seemed to have it all.

The lunar month is shorter than the calendar month.

I was going to ask for a volunteer.


I should tell him, right?


I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

When cleaning the classroom, a few students carry the podium.

For these open words, I have to give you my highest appreciation.

The right word for this does not come to me.

I bought a new car last week.

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President Obama won a second term.

Gail rinsed his mouth.

This is why I didn't want to make an announcement.

Tyler wants a beer.

The referee, according to principle of advantage, raised his hand and motioned for the advance to continue.

We have to change something.

A brewery we finance has made a new sweet sake and brought some to us asking us to try it.

Who else would you like to meet?

Sid went straight to bed.

Chet plays in a band.

Their job is to interrogate suspects.

I couldn't see through his lies.

An impatient driver forced his way through the crossing against the red light.

If we work as a team, we can achieve anything.

I'd like to keep these documents for the time being.

It is often difficult to see if a ball is in or out.

You've never had a girlfriend, have you?

Have you reached a decision?

He came home fairly late last night.

The number of the chairs in the hall is 80.

Ten policemen were assigned to patrol that area.

None of this makes any sense to me.

Do you have rice?


Was my letter sent?

Don't lend books; no one gives them back. The only books that are still left in my library are ones that I have borrowed from other people.

Dalton had a good teacher.

What is he talking about? It just doesn't make sense.

We did warn him.

Panic rules on the Titanic.

It's good manners for a boy to ask a girl if he can kiss her.

No need to explain.

It is characteristic of him.


Do you remember when Konrad gave you that?

How old are you? - I'm twenty-three years old.

Liquor will have an effect on a person.

Gas prices have dropped.

I apologize. It was my mistake.

How much money does Nancy make a month?

My uncle has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Whatever you do, don't say anything to upset Joel.

The sailors perished in the sea.


Oh, bother.

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LISA will place three spacecraft in orbit around the Sun, tagging along behind Earth. The three spacecraft will be 5 million kilometers apart flying in a triangle formation. When a gravitational wave passes by, these ripples in space gently push the spacecraft around by the tiniest amount imaginable. But the super-super-super sensitive laser beams that connect the three spacecraft will allow this tiny movement to be measured.


Unlike her mother, she is tall.

I'm really looking forward to playing tennis with Mariou.

I started to learn English with the aim of becoming a teacher.

I'm Mechael's grandmother.

He stood silent for a moment before speaking.

Where has the time gone?

Peaking of price difference is huge.

How many different kinds of pizzas are on the menu?

Everything always winds up being my fault, doesn't it?


He wants to work in China for two years.

Lloyd picked up his bag and headed for the door.

How can you help us?

She would rather listen to others than talk herself.

Are you sure you don't want it?

She wants to read a book.

The boys started fighting.


You said you'd get something to eat.


I must admit, I have some misgivings about your plan.


Do you want to go and see a film this evening?

Carol lives in Chicago.

My life has changed.

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Happy Canada Day!

Will the judge fine him heavily?

There is the scent of pineapples in the sun.

His story sounds strange.

Len asked Vick to sweep the floor.

I've got to get my passport back.

Ro offered Kikki a mug of coffee.

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We finally published the book.

Spyros asked Rusty what he should do next.

You certainly fooled her.

People are more conscious nowadays and choose healthy food.

Two are fighting - a third is profiting.