Leslie stopped running.

Don and Damone have three cats and two dogs.

Dan lied about his whereabouts.


Nobody could tell me anything.

A plastic cup is better than one made of real glass.

How long have you and Kenn been living in Boston?

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This was supposed to be simple.

I recommend a thorough checkup for your husband.

There's no point for me to go to school.

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.

I'm dedicated.

I felt a sudden pain in my side.

That twenty-kilometer run really wiped me out.

Analyn sold the cow.

I saw you spying on her.

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Let's go and see what's happening.

Great talkers are little doers.

We should be proud of ourselves.

I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.

Last night, I didn't sleep.

He's not my boyfriend. We're just friends with benefits.

No officers were hurt.

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You don't need to keep anything.

The train was about to leave.

On arriving home, I discovered the burglary.

Who taught you how to speak French?

Bonnie borrowed three hundred dollars three months ago.


The local ecosystems are under threat.


Nobody wants to do it?


I'll teach you everything you need to know.

5 times 20 is 100.

Did you just call me a jerk?


Bryan is being a nuisance.

Linley knows something isn't right.

I have no particular reason to do so.

One swallow does not a summer make.

I just need more time with them.

I have a lot of things to do today.

I already told Isaac everything.


Dan wanted to improve the lives of others.

I don't know what was in that box.

I beg your pardon. What did you say?

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I don't like to lose.

Andre's parents won't let him go out with Archie on school nights.

That's as it should be.

I forgot who said that.

I'm glad to help.

Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.

I just wish Jos had brought a flashlight.

I think you've been spending too much time with Belinda.

All those are mere lucubrations.

Have brunch.

Earnie is all done.

It was a foul play.

Tanya believes that life exists on other planets.


It's foolish taking a taxi when you can easily walk to the station.

Why did you have to do that?

Many people thought he was too young to be president.

I thought it might be complicated.

How was your date with him?

Masanobu was punished.

Devon wasn't used to failure.

What I saw looked good.

The teacher marvelled at my response.

Trey is never going to let you go to Boston with Kyle.

The fire burnt down four houses in the east of the city.

She had never been so proud of herself.

I know that Nancy likes music.


They helped each other.


I always keep my promises.


Lana says he doesn't know who Loyd is planning on going to the prom with.

Carter's wife doesn't like it when he smokes in the living room.

Curtis wrung the chicken's neck.

I'm sorry, sir. There must have been some mistake.

What did you think about the concert?


Yesterday I purchased an ergonomic chair.

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Ask if someone wants to talk about the accident.

They took a walk.

John acts like Helen's guardian.


Mike happened to have been absent from school.

The anthropologist delivered a lecture on primitive cultures.

My son went to London, where I was born.

They're ringing the doorbell.

Let's not discuss the matter today.

You already know my opinion.

I need ice cubes.

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Nitpicking is just as often a sign of ignorance as it is a sign of understanding.

Skip said he did it wrong.

Would you be interested in going to Boston with us?

I owe you all nothing!

A greenhouse stays warmer than the air outside. Instead of cooling off at night, it traps some of the heat inside to keep the plants warm.

The earthquake smashed everything.

Don't stay underwater.

I'm very tired today.

My sister's skinny and me, I'm chubby.


Vishal chopped some onions.


Darrell wanted to go to the beach with Ritchey.

I'm going to go tell him.

Go to your spot.


This is a very nutritious lunch.


Robin didn't give up.

The homeless sought shelter from the chilly shower.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts.


In Japan, politicians are more often laughed at than loved in comics.

How could he have known?

I thought that was your job.


I left home early so I'd be on time for the meeting.

She had a sullen look on her face.

I'm not letting you go.

I saw him enter the store.

I have to get an affidavit notarized at the consulate to prove that I'm eligible to be married and that I'm not getting married against my will.

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Will you tell me how to play the guitar?


What's that letter about?

Modern art means little to me.

The Pamir has high and beautiful mountains.

They went through with many difficulties.

When was the last time you dreamed about Heinz?


Any help will be appreciated.

I haven't been in contact with Mr Smith recently.

Ask Richard where he put his keys.

What's that strange smell coming from the kitchen?

We were too optimistic.


You do not necessarily have to go there yourself.

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We're done talking.

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We don't want them to leave.

Lila's French is really good.

Two persons were killed when an elevated bike path collapsed in Rio.

She put the infant in the child seat.

I am dying to see her again.

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I tried to find out how many people really live in this town.

I was asked by my uncle what I intended to be when I graduated from college.

I deny all those charges.

Betsy won't be skiing with us, will he?

The boys are excited.

This bread is fresh from the oven.

What can't you do?

If I fail to find a new job in Boston within 6 months, I will return to Chicago.

I was absolved from paying my father's debt.

I'm surprised Brandon went with Kory.

What do you mean when you say ruched?


In August 2014 the Swedish Building Workers' Union decided that the gender-neutral pronoun "hen" ("he or she, or neither he nor she") should be used instead of "han" ("he") in forthcoming versions of its by-laws.


His notion is that planes are safer than cars.

It is not easy to distinguish good from evil.

Lingua Franca Nova is free for all to use.

We will never forget about you.

Thank you, dear.

Best served chilled.

Who took me here?

Now then, there's no need for that kind of language.

I thought over my future.

I found the broken doll mended by somebody.

Ramadoss doesn't care how Vishal dresses.

Nou sent his son to bed without dinner.

I want to spend the whole weekend in Boston.

Cary is a typical high school student.

Like a house of cards, Vickie's dreams and plans came crashing down around him.

Yes, I think I need to go.

Jurevis helped Naim carry her bags.


Giving up what you want is hard, but sometimes we have no other choice.


He has gone to the library.

Roberta is in really bad shape.

This type of thing happens all the time.

Now step away.

Raul used to be a freighter captain.