Which part do you choose?

The people protested against the low altitude flight training.

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I checked my briefcase and umbrella in the cloakroom.

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My house is on the skirts of the town.

I'm expecting a call from Sridhar.

Clarence was unable to restrain himself.

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There was a mad rush toward the exit.

Rodger smiled apologetically.

Kerri became increasingly aware that he was being manipulated by the FBI.


He can speak English and French.


The victory made us more excited.


We were late because of the storm.

A drop of mustard fell and stained my tie during lunch.

Those are particularly colorful murals.

He still has three servants.

Ritalynne has been dreaming.

The news spread abroad.

He has lost his job.

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I like swimming and playing basketball.


I thought Tammy had a meeting this afternoon.

My car is covered with pigeon poop.

Not everybody was as lucky as we were.

Police cordoned off the crime scene.

Why don't we ask his advice?

She won't stop beating me.

Mr. Brown has four children.

It will take more than two thousand truckloads to finish this huge concrete platform.

He suffers from sudden fits of coughing.

Cats kill rats.

Long, long ago, there lived an old man and his wife.


Who's your favorite player on our basketball team?

Who told you that I was sick?

Howl all you want, I will not have pity!


That is what you get!

I'm miserable here.

I was charged with an important task.

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Why did you run away?

Who approved this?

We bought it in Boston.

The relics of your grandparents are in this church.

He went to Narita or somewhere.

May I trouble you to pass me the pepper?

That's ironic, isn't it?

I just want to talk.

Shel seemed a little surprised.

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I'm easy.


She took the risk, knowing that she might lose a lot of money.

Although fatalities tend to be rare, many people died as a result of volcanic eruptions during the last quarter century.

I guess you think you're pretty special, don't you?

Who put the hit out on Shannon?

She wants to be a simultaneous interpreter.


Let's forget to study and enjoy ourselves tonight.

The hill used to be covered in snow.

Glen will never tell you that.

Deborah wrote something on the blackboard.

She pleaded with him to stay a little bit longer.

Nobody tells me anything around this place.

Hsuan seemed to know what she was doing.

He was so confused that his answer did not make any sense.

I have told you how to treat customers.

I shall be learning to like this bitter life.

Do you remember where you were the night Miriamne had his accident?

I want to buy a gift for you.

Do you think that male leggings are cool?

Not only is sex a safe activity but it is also recommended against depression, and contrary to other physical activities, food or even video games, you can't have too much of it.

Misfortunes pile up.

I really wish I could be there with you.

Hey, you forgot your kiss. Sorry, your keys.

He was too embarrassed to do it.

Cathy usually wears jeans.

What else would I do on a Monday night?

Edith was never a soldier.


Actually, I have no intention of quitting right now.

Elliot used to be important.

I want her to know the truth.


I loved the fish pie my mother used to bake.


Piete is a good French speaker.

I would've done that anyway.

Let's see what we can do.


Sanand listened to Gregorian chant.

Galen's a good carpenter.

Everything was ready.

I have to design a new flier for the film.

What do you think Kusum is doing right now?

Can I go to work?

Where did you do time?

Cory didn't invite me.

I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs.


Because he was wealthy, he was able to go there.

How long is the ticket good for?

My opinion is exactly the opposite of yours.

Ji wanted to play another game.

There are so many example sentences using "Vicki" and "Mike". It's very strange.

I recorded our conversation.

What do you like about us?

Ehhh, I hope I'm not interrupting anything ...

I want to get a good seat, so I plan to arrive early.

You'll be needing this.

He is such a teacher as we all admire.


We can't do anything but wait.

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To decide means to succumb to the preponderance of one set of influences over another set.


The reputation of those musicians is not the best.

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I thought we were on the same side.

Ted is in the kitchen.

I had to protect them.


I know the boy.

Pandas live in bamboo thickets.

The girl treated her horse kindly.

Please write down your contact address here.

I think you should apply for a job at the Australian embassy.

I'm calling to complain about something.

His income is too small to support his family.

Ragnar asked me how many languages I spoke.

Her money was all gone.

My uncle gave me his car.

Our company wants to take part in that research project.



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He persuaded his wife not to divorce him.


He loves trying new things.

I decided to buy a new umbrella.

They didn't find the bomb.


Are you still living with your mom?

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This song is number eleven in my top ten.


They supplied the soldiers with enough food and water.

Is there somebody you want to call?

How long has it been since you've been to Boston?

This has become a yearly tradition.

If you don't want us to get in Syed's way, we won't.

Audrey is stubborn.

The company I worked for was downsizing. Unfortunately, I lost my job.

I need to ask Tharen about how to get to his house.

Shaw put her high-heels back on.


He teaches English.

Dion isn't going to stop us.

The boat capsized.


You must study hard and learn many things.

Carter never stops to think.

What a pretty doll this is!

What did you think of it?

It's probably just a coincidence.


You forgot to turn off the light.


We were neighbors.

Ssi dislocated his shoulder.

Roy was excited about that.

He expects to succeed in winning a scholarship by studying hard.

Even Sylvan grinned.

Liber said nothing because he didn't want to start an argument.

Isaac walked down the path, whistling a tune.

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You can always rely on her.


He was envious of his way of living.

The train was derailed by a piece of iron on the track.

The Lvov city council once more draws attention to the false information regarding the intention to ban speaking Russian in Lvov.

I've written several songs in French.

Gene doesn't want me to go, but I'm going to go anyway.

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It's difficult to work with you.

The firemen localized the fire.

There was a curtain which was covering the door.

I needed to talk to him.

Mikael is always telling jokes.

He tried to put an end to their quarrel.

How did you spend your day?

It would be better if you didn't eat before going to bed.

I majored in literature at the university.