You clearly are interested in buying that dress.

I don't think Spencer will help us.

Can we do this again?

But it was like trying to stop the rain from falling.

I had mixed feelings.

Roxanne didn't discuss the matter with Clay.

While we were speaking, Angela interrupted us and she asked us to help her.

"I wonder why you always lose just one sock out of a pair." "If you lost both, you wouldn't notice it, right?" "Yeah, I guess you're right."

We're going to need some.

I had to make a choice between chocolate and vanilla.

I had an enlarged prostate.

Are you home alone?

Ken thought Tao knew where to buy black pepper.

You love art, don't you?


Even Briggs is a little surprised.

There's nothing more I can do.

The project was nipped in the bud.

Is that some kind of joke?

Penny was sitting in the front of the bus.

It is worthwhile visiting the museum.

Jennie wants his money back.

He did not resist.

Steve asked Those to leave the windows open.

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That's a pretty colour.


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

I thought we could help him.

My special talent is that I can form a friendship at any time, anywhere, and with anyone.

This box was made by Miki.

I usually work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but today I worked until 10:00 p.m.

He is known to everyone.

The Americans rejected the offer.

The lecturer dwelt on some memories of his college days.

I concentrated my attention on the little things of history.


We are all in terrible danger.

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We had nice weather yesterday.

Nancy has a very lively and sweet temperament.

I swear I didn't see you.

We have medicine for you.

He doubts if I will keep my promise.

I can't stand the noise.

I just came by to give you this.

You're a prankster, Roy.

The soldier raised the flag.

I should have used a condom.

Lyndon heard a voice whispering his name.


I never learned to swim.

The result of the experiment was inconclusive.

We can't back out now.

I've worked three hours already.

He did me the honor of saying that I was right.

I saw what you were doing.

She was a chonga.


Do you want me to take over?

Keep your eyes peeled; we're on the lookout for a new table.

I have lived here since 1990.

We are all poor swimmers with the possible exception of Jack.

It was round.


I heard Barton's singing.

I didn't know Johnnie was a criminal when I first met him.

We've been through so much.


Why didn't you try calling Joni?

What was your motive?

Feed me, please.


In spring, we like to give the house a thorough cleaning.


I will look after your child this evening.

They arrived here in 1997.

Dennis invited Cathy to his party.

Don't change a winning team.

Cold winds blow hard every winter.

It was never a problem before.

I will put it down to your account.


Don't count on his help.

Thank you very much for your letter of January 7th.

We're running out of supplies.

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I understand it, but I still don't agree with it.

The two parents are the father and the mother.

We'll take care of that.

How many people are there in your family?

Where was Woody Allen born?

I know that money isn't everything.

From Sendai I extended my journey to Aomori.

I cannot bring my car. There is no parking.

I didn't need Ritalynne.

You'll never get in that club.

Love is always naked.

He is celebrated for his bravery.

Carlo lost his umbrella again.

You handled yourself well today.

Leila's parents congratulated him on his engagement.


What size do you wear?

Can we at least try getting along?

We become wiser with aging.

My uncle teaches English at the university.

Floria and Michiel drank beer together.

Nobody could make that work.

I notice the sale prices are written in red ink.


Claudio taught me most of the French I know.

Are you going to the concert tonight?

I found this book very interesting.

There's something I need to talk with you about.

Please tell her we're here.

When he left the navy, he found it hard to adjust to life ashore.

This is going to be awesome.

Every woman in the room turned to look at Sandra.

I think we can be competitive.

Did I hurt his feelings?

What do you read?

What did you do with my keys?

We went through almost a whole jar of coffee last week.

I heard the news about Izchak.

Elijah drives slowly.


It is not worth the trouble.

Yesterday I baked pastries with mushrooms.

"Is this small house yours?" "Yes, it's ours, we bought it last year."

Come what may, I shall never change my mind.

I'm not taking advantage of their garden.

This love will never end.

My father told me about this place.


Your answer is anything but satisfactory to us.


War is simple: it's driving a piece of iron through a piece of flesh.

The richer the city, the more rubbish it generates.

I love my family more than anything.


Joon died later that year.

I think you need to tell Thomas to leave you alone.

Angus's living proof that you don't have to have brains to be successful.

Linda had some jewellery on her.

Vladimir hid behind his mother's skirts.

Would you like me to tell you about Boston?

This new soft drink is the best thing to drink this summer.

I didn't know she was that old.

The criminal did evil things as a child.

I need to go somewhere else for a little while.

Edwin beat the dog.

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I like their house.


Dan became more and more angry.

Tell me how to beat sleeplessness.

Taurus is not an idiot.

Japanese cars are right hand drive.

I'm going to my car to get my things.

The prisoner was brought before a judge.

That can't possibly be true.

This show's main character is a talking squirrel.

She lent me her bicycle.

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The lamb was killed by the wolf.

This is a crazy house.

Duane got me drunk last night.

His birthday is May 5th.

Who's going to foot the bill?

School systems have to cope with changing numbers of pupils.

You can be anything you want to be when you grow up.

Shut up, Phillip. You're ruining everything!

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

Dan didn't even feel embarrassed.

Let's get together and talk about the matter.


I want to take a nice long vacation.


I didn't ignore her.

Where's the toilet around here?

I got there ahead of time.

It snowed heavily in the morning he was born.

I left my coat here last night.

Don't get your hopes up.

I think that maybe I won't be able to make myself understood in English.

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He contributed a lot of money to the hospital.

I think Brad might be hungry.

They are pleased with your work.

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There's nothing this thing can't eat.

Get down from there.

Compared to her, I am very impractical.

I could hear them arguing.

It's true that he is in love with her.

I actually really like it.

My car is now being repaired.

Hang on to it.

You can call me at whatever time you want.