He suggested that I accompany him to the party.

No one knows what's really going on.


She took off her old shoes and put on the new ones.

How long does it last more or less?

A terrible day.


Young and old in Japan celebrate New Year's Day.

She refuses to abandon her career for marriage.

The pen which I lost yesterday was a new one.

If you click here, you can access the files you want to read.

Many Americans blamed Spain.


Cindie accepted my challenge.

Jim runs as fast as Ron.

I was in the hospital a few days ago.

I know that you are busy.

That house is really better than this house.

Looking at his face, you could tell that he was annoyed.

I'm watching out for your baby.

He was envious of his friend's promotion.

We assume that he is honest.


Jan heard a siren.

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He is obliterating everything we have accomplished over the years.


About 29 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes.

I don't know how to legally get around those regulations.

The baby wailed because it was hungry.


This job calls for practice.

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Fifteen times five equals seventy-five.

The children sat around the campfire and listened to Jane tell ghost stories.

The speech lasted thirty minutes.

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Frankly speaking, I actually wanted to stay at home, instead of going out.

I learned a lot from his books.

I want a kitchen like this.


You are not invited, so this is not your business.

I went to bed at 9pm, but fell asleep at 10pm.

We have to think about this a little longer.

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Could you pass the spaghetti?


Marci removed his helmet.

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We can help you.

He took full advantage of the wrapper.

Everybody put their foot down.

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The performance of electric cars has improved.


She's acting on her own.

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The food at this hot pot restaurant really tastes pretty good. Let's come here again next time.

You should've asked Jingbai for advice.

Diane said he couldn't recall.

Perhaps we should go on home.

It is now believed that Ceres formed 4.6 billion years ago when the solar system was forming.

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Price and Vickie aren't back yet.

That's what I loved about him.

They never studied in school.


Stewart should just tell Loyd he made a mistake.

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This rule has no application to the case.

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"Do you want to double your gold pieces?" "What do you mean?"

There does not seem to be any difference of meaning between the two constructions.

They released a new album.


A typical Bavarian breakfast consists of white sausage, wheat beer and pretzels.

Kris tapped his foot nervously.

Antonio and Maria don't eat meat anymore.

I want to get my ears pierced.

I gave everything to Clay.

We'll catch them.

We could ask Jimmy.

Constant effort yields sure success.

Corals can live for thousands of years.


I want to see you in my office right now.

Don't look surprised.

Carol wants you to kill Izumi.

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The assassin smothered his victim with a pillow.

How do you say 'a cat' in Hebrew?

I never had this happen before.

Radek doesn't know if Marek is busy or not.

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary fix.

All sorts of rumors rose about her past.

These bus ladies seem to like to do so.

She can't so much as write her own name.

She went to the new hairdresser in town.

The boy was almost drowned.

I've done everything you've asked me to do.


Did you break something?


Do I annoy you sometimes?

You can't make something from nothing.

You are my hero.

Bob can answer all the questions.

The baby never kept still while I was taking his picture.


Have you met each other?

I'm not sure I understand.

I wrote a reply, but I forgot to press send.


I think that she is from China.

I prefer to eat a muffin rather than a dinosaur.

Lead your friend to me!

Choose such friends as will benefit you, they say. That is why I am on intimate terms with Mr Aoki.

You shouldn't let her in.

Recent overseas transfers show that productivity improvements in Japanese manufacturing industry have almost reached their limit.

Wild weather is forecast for our region today.

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She struggled to get up.

Pull the other one.

The fire was on the first floor.

I'm going to prepare some hamburgers.

We can't tell you anything yet.

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What does the law say about mobbing?

The work of art that says something confronts us itself. That is, it expresses something in such a way that what is said is like a discovery, a disclosure of something previously concealed.

That was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.

I must have dozed off.

Who calls me "good for nothing"?

Earth is a planet.

Don't try anything funny.

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You shouldn't look down on him.

Morton is outrageous.

Julia never would agree to that.

You should stay away from Allen.

Leave me out of this plan. I don't want to get involved.


Dad bought me a book.


Sho's mother is a nurse at the hospital that's across the street from where Juliane lives.


It made me happy.

Drivers should always be on their guard against accidents.

Cathy taught at Harvard for thirteen years.

Catherine didn't attend the forum.

We had no choice but to leave the matter to him.

He is a good correspondent.

Oh! Show me, please.

Please don't play near the railroad tracks.

I tried to reach you on the phone, but I was unable to get through

I bought myself this superfast popcorn machine as a Christmas present.

My brother makes friends with anybody soon.

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The yen is rising and the dollar is falling.

The objection is sustained.

I don't want to be involved in that matter.


Stacy wrote a sonata.

Ssi hasn't shaved in three years.

That was a pretty good move.

We're doing this to help Torsten.

Rajesh never told me that you were so beautiful.

Three ships were given to Columbus by Queen Isabella.

Do you think Pravin can find it?

Tell her how you're feeling.

The Earth orbits around the Sun. It takes one year to go around the Sun one complete time.

I like hot springs that are off the beaten track.

Kevin did better this time.

I knew I forgot something.

They are happy about the result.

"What did you say?" "Nothing. I was just talking to myself."

The sound of the train faded away.

There was a pink slip waiting for her at the office.

She tuned her television set to Channel 6.


That red cloth is a "fukusa"; it is a vital tool used to cleanse the tea equipment.

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Mr Suzuki is not a dentist but a physician.

She was forced to confess.

Teri still feels a little guilty.

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He goes to work by car.

Thank you for supporting me.

We met in Shanghai.

What exactly is our plan?

Elric congratulated me on my success.

Here is a basket full of vegetables.

It's a complicated question to answer.

How are they going to treat Alex?

He lives by begging.

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Lenny was going to sign it, but decided not to.

Pierce says that he wants to go to Boston.

Valentin reminded me to stop at the supermarket and buy some bread.


I think I need to be alone.