The rioters beat many policemen to death.

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

I don't like to wear nail polish.

It's not far to Boston.


I didn't know what I was giving up.


Do you believe us?

Sandip worked around the clock.

Mr Wood didn't have any kids.

Grasp all, lose all.

Tell him we're here.


But of course that was a long time ago.

She usually talks about her late husband.

People came running out of the burning building, screaming.

Novo treats me like a child.

The problem is we're not sure Rhonda can do the job.


Everyone smiled at Lisa.

My father has a heart of gold.

Teruyuki likes to swim.


What kind of car was it?

I'll be back in an hour.

I don't know whether he'll come by train or by car.


Girls are losing their virginity earlier and earlier.

All the students look up to their homeroom teacher.

How big is your house?

Take the time to reflect.

The bullet entered above the knee.

You always make excuses for not doing your share of the work.

I figured you might want this.

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He was caught off guard when his wife announced they were going to have a baby.

She went shopping with him last Monday.

Today it's quite hot.

You can speak English.

He agreed to give us an interview.

I'd like to solve the puzzle.

I'll meet Giovanni at the usual place.

Would you like to give it another shot?

You're on your own, Santa.

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Cory told me that's not true.


I can understand it.

You don't have to do that today.

George has two cousins; one lives in Germany and the other in Switzerland.

Some people like him and other people don't.

What'll happen to her?

Mr Parker tried eating with chopsticks.

This morning Luis said that his sister is still ill in bed.

I rode one.

Have they seen us?

Fritz has to be here.

Don't step on that, it'll explode!

Clear the corridor!

Omar still looks angry.

We've told you everything we know.

Shut up! Don't bring that matter up!

Christie already knows how to read.

I usually get up at six.

She asked for my permission to use the telephone.

You have to fulfil his duties.

Make sure nothing happens to Mike.

My mother doesn't concern herself with politics.


Mathematicians are like French people: whatever you tell them they translate it into their own language and turn it into something totally different.

The caller refused to give us her name.

Islam first reached China about the middle of the 7th century.

I'm going out to get some fresh air.

Don't allow your muscles to degenerate.

Jakob handed Huashi a sheet of paper.

Victor has achieved so much.

What'll happen to him?

To be honest, I may be out of my league here.

That's the big question, isn't it?

We're waiting to talk to Patrice.

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I gave her an apple.

I'm going to go check in on Timothy.

He's a strange guy.

This is from him.

It was nice to talk to her.

A blue suit, white shirt and red tie are essential for all male workers.

Although there was no wind blowing, the door opened of itself.

I know what you were doing.

Greece is an European country.


This book will change your life.

Give my love to your parents.

I hope you were not in my room again.

Set a thief to catch a thief.

I usually wear a white shirt.

You're bluffing.

I can't hear a thing.


I was really curious.

His confusion betrayed his lie.

I am far from blaming you.

I sure wish I could have a three-day weekend.

Is that what Agatha thinks happened?

Music started playing in the restaurant so there was a real romantic mood.

Is Nguyen left-handed?

It's hailing.

This is the same hospital where Sanjeev works.

How does your opinion differ from his?

Passion is one of her characteristics.


Was Lori with Christofer?


Why do you think I didn't tell you?

He is absent from school today.

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.


For years, my mother has had a fear of flying.

A cloud is condensed steam.

I just need to ask you some questions.

A diligent man will succeed in the long run.

The circulation, as is known, is the main indicator of the periodical's authoritativeness.

I got several bites, but could not hook a fish.

It is getting warmer day by day.

She painted the house.

Po is a bit drunk.

That made them smile.

Get both a phone and internet access in a single package!

Living conditions were hard.

Do you have an account on twitter?

I thought Taurus loved me.

Where is Sevilla in Italy?

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I thought that went well.

Go away from the window.

Space explorers were not without religion.

I succeeded in worming out the secret.

The blood stain can't be removed.

The species faded away.

Izzy and I first met in Boston.

Unfortunately this is real.

The soil here is fertile.

Wash the writing table.

I've been here thirteen days, possibly more.

How fast can you do it?

I'll let you know when it's done.

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Are there any detergents in the laundry?

The boss buzzed his secretary.

I thought Marian said he didn't want to get married.

They adopted the little girl.

What are some good Brazilian movies?

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I can't wait to shower.

I don't feel like laughing.

Keep still!

Is hexane toxic?

What do you say to taking a rest?

He booked a room for me at the inn.

The family received discouraging news from the doctor about Donal's health.

Do you think you'll be getting more in soon?

I'll move to Stockholm next week.

I told the police everything I know.

He pretended he knew nothing about it.

Wait for me.

Just about everything can be recycled.

His father died, and to make matters worse, his mother fell ill.

Toerless grew up in a one-horse town.

Is this really such a problem?

The emergency phone number for all Europe is 112.

She gave fifteen interviews to Brazilian media, and seven to foreign media.

She sleeps with her boss.


Does "juice" in Japan imply juice in a can?

Because of his advice, I was able to succeed.

I know that somebody had to do that.

I've got something I want to show you.

There's no evidence.

The two people were shaking hands heartily as if they had not seen each other for years.

It is no use arguing about it.


Naresh loves me more than you.

I wondered what Bret was going to say.

He thinks he knows best.

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She began to like him right away.


I'm impressed with you.

Are there books in your house?

Pamela didn't want Gregg to drive drunk.


You won't have a reason to not want to get on it.

What did you want to talk about?

What do you really want to do?

Do I have to talk to them?

These Chinese characters are not too difficult for us.

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I'll go to Arthur.

You can't really figure out whether someone's a decent person or not based on their clothing.

He is cultivating roses.